Mind Your Spine

By – Dr Ravi Kant

Literally, spine is the back bone of our existence albeit medically it is a fact. We in the modern era are dependent on this part of the body the most, be it in sports, desk work or daily choirs. With our sedentary life style and way of living it has become quite taxing. People don’t find means to relax as well as time to exercise. This is not only the basic cause of the spinal diseases but also leads to many deformities. Some are congenital defects while other are developmental defects. But nowadays postural causes are the most. People don’t mind sitting standing or lying in any posture. They may sit with hunch back or consistent bending of the neck while typing, doing desk work or cooking etc. Mobiles and computers have acrimoniously aggravated this physical anomaly. Youngsters are glued to computers at work or study and then stuck into there mobiles for rest of the day or let me say day and night. They may sit hang around or lie in any posture, to operate their tech savvy devices ie phones or iPads. Young middle aged or even the elderly have become addicts to social media via these devices, and thus putting an extra effort on cervical or lumbar spine.


Diagnosis and prognosis of the disease:

It has been seen that patients are quite ignorant about the progression of the disease, but this can be very serious than just a little sprain in the neck and back. Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis can set in with beaking of the vertebras, PIVD ie proplase of intervertebral discs or ankylosis of the spine esp in cervical region. This can be confirmed by getting HLA B27 test done. Digital x-ray, CT scan and MRI scan is also diagnostic. Secondary metastatic maladies can be ruled out with PET scanning. Kyphosis, scoliosis , Pott’s disease and stress fracture are other serious problems of spine. While there is a fusion of vertebras in ankylosis, the softening or osteoporosis of spine cause kyphosis and scoliosis.

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Homoeopathy helps :

Spinal diseases can be effectively treated with homoeopathy at various stages of the disease. Sprain, stiffness in spine due to posture with nausea, vomiting, vertigo can be treated and cured with this pathy. Ankylosis of neck can be prevented in initial stages, thus preventing the fusion of vertebras, along with yogic exercises. Calcium depletion from body can not only be prevented, but can also be restored in body. These medicines can not only tackle osteoporosis but also cure scoliosis in old as well as young people. Well selected medicines as per totality of symptoms and anti-miasmatics can annihilate the disease thus brining back harmony in the body. The only important thing to be mentioned here is that the earlier patient arrives to a homoeopath the better is the cure.


@ Dr Ravi Kant is a Chandigarh based homoeopath.