Mikail and Twinq collaborate for track ‘I Don’t Care’

After releasing seven songs in the past one year, Mumbai based Hip-Hop/Trap artiste Mikail is back with yet another banger. The 21-year-old artiste has collaborated with fellow rapper Twinq for their latest release ‘I Don’t Care’, produced by Critical Jxck.

Speaking about the concept behind ‘I Don’t Care’, Mikail explains, “Life throws around a lot of questions at different occasions. It’s not necessary to always know the answer to every question at all times, sometimes, all we gotta do is simply say ‘I don’t care’ and move ahead. I have been faced with a lot of self-doubts in my journey and so has every other person. I just want people to take some time off their perfect lives and focus on themselves for once.”

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With this ideology, Mikail and Twinq take on several questions that people often put in front of us and they simply answer them by saying ‘I don’t care’.

Further, speaking on collaborating with Twinq, Mikailadds, “Twinq is someone who certainly knows his work around the rap game. Even though it’s my first collaboration, I hope that all my forthcoming collaborations are this smooth where I am the learner. His verse was written before I had written mine and I won’t be lying that his verse did influence my verse in the song. We have met only once that too for recording and the energy was mutual. I look forward to work with him again in the future.”


Listen to ‘I Don’t care’ here –

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Hailing from Mumbai, Mikail began his musical career with ‘No Feeling’ in 2021. His song ‘Dystopia’ received much love and recognition from music lovers as well as critics. A HipHop & Trap enthusiast and a fan of all music, Mikail looks forward to present his vision to the world inspired by 808s and emotions.

Twinq has been a part of the underground rap movement since almost a decade. With songs like ‘Headphones with Lights Off’, ‘Merry Go Round’, ‘Voices In My Head’, and more in his discography, ‘I Don’t Care’ contributes to Twinq’s vision of humans not being different, but being as ONE.