After taking the weekend to contemplate a tilt for the seat of Eden Monaro, I have decided that I will not run as a candidate.

In politics, ego can quickly skew decisions, and sometimes make you forget what is best for yourself, your family and what could be the best outcome for the people of Eden Monaro.

I have always worked and strived for outcomes, not titles – making a difference, not just accepting the status quo, and in this time of self-contemplation, it is clear I can do more as NSW Deputy Premier, Leader of the NSW Nationals and as the Member for Monaro.

My decision was difficult but at the heart of it, I love NSW, and the incredible job we have done so far and I want to be here to face the challenges ahead as we rebuild from drought, bushfires and COVID-19.


I want to say thank you to everyone who has reached out, supported and encouraged me to go on this journey, but at the same time reaffirmed their support in whatever I decide.

I especially want to thank Gladys Berejiklian for her gracious and gentle counsel, and my National Party colleagues who have supported me in every step of this decision making – I express my utmost gratitude.

To the people of Eden Monaro, know that as the State Member I will continue to fight for you, regardless of boundaries, and as NSW Deputy Premier, I will continue to make our region the best it can be, for today and for our incredible tomorrow.