Fiji Times, India Times Australia’s print edition is NOW available in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.


Regular Advertising Size and Price List:

Page Numbers RATE
Per Month
Height  / Width
Front page FULL 1 $3000+GST (Contact us for Bonus) 240 mm X 200 mm
Front page BOX 1 $2500+GST 200 mm X 200 mm
Front page Strip 1 $750+GST 40 mm X 200 mm
Back Page 96 $2000+GST 240 mm X 200 mm
Page 3 3 $1500+GST 280 mm X 200 mm
Page 4/5 4/5 $1200+GST 280 mm X 200 mm
Inside of Front 2 $1250+GST 280 mm X 200 mm
Inside of Back $1250+GST 280 mm X 200 mm
Premium Full Page 6-12, 86-94 $750+GST 280 mm X 200 mm
DOUBLE PAGE Center Spread $1250+GST 280 mm X 410 mm
Full Page Glossy 13-85 $600+GST 280 mm X 200 mm
1/2 Page 17-77 $350+GST
135 mm X 200 mm
1/4 Page 31-62 $250+GST 135 mm X 100 mm
Public Noticeboard 78-79 $50+GST 50 mm X 50 mm
Personal Noticeboard 80 $50+GST 50 mm X 50 mm
  • Short term advertisers must pay upfront
  • All artwork material to be sent in PDF with 300dpi resolution by 27th of every month for next month’s edition.
  • The advertisement will be placed on specific page subject to availability.
  • E paper is Uploaded each month a day after published and distributed in Sydney.

**Special Rates to Charity Event Advertisements

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Fiji Times, India Times Australia’s print edition is NOW available in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Decorated with the Premier’s Multicultural Media Award (Finalist), the Fiji Times is a 96-page (16 Premium Glossy Full Coloured pages, 80 Full Coloured Glossy) colored magazine that showcases political, business, and sports news from Fiji as well as India. The news stories are complemented by a variety of articles, features, and advertisements relevant to the Indian, Fijian, and Pacific Island communities in Australia.

The number of migrants coming to Australia from the Indian sub-continent and the Pacific Islands has increased dramatically in recent years. The current rate of increase is expected to continue in the coming years. The figures show that more than 4,00,000 people from these regions have settled in Australia, especially in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. . The Fiji Times is the first magazine to directly target the people from these regions and communities in Australia.

8000-10,000 copies of Fiji Times are being printed on a monthly basis and the readership is growing with each edition. The magazine is offered free of charge. It is distributed at places frequented by people, including spice shops, Indian video-shops, sporting events, social events, selected doctors’ clinics, Indian/Fijian grocery shops, Indian clothing shops, Pacific Island community groups, and more.

Our esteemed magazine is in its 21st year of publication and has carved a separate niche for itself. We also have a brand new website, which is state-of-the-art and updated on a regular basis. The Facebook followers of the magazine are growing by the day and a hi-tech web application for your phones is in the pipeline.

We are sure that in the times to come, we will achieve higher goals and move ahead on the wings of our dreams. We aim at making the Fiji Times a peoples’ movement, where the concerns of our community are addressed and redressed. Together, we can.