Manya is back!

Manisha Koirala in an exclusive conversation with Divya Solgama 

Firstly Manisha, asking you the patent question, just walk us through your role in film ‘Dear Maya’?

Manisha Koirala: The film has two stories going on simultaneously. But the main story is about these two young school girls, who are quite bright and chirpy and have good intentions to brighten up the life of my character’s life. They started sending love letters to her from some unknown name. My role is this lady who thinks she is undeserving of love and is in the back space. When she starts receiving these letters, she actually believes that there is someone who loves her. And in search of that love, she leaves everything and just goes. What happens in the meantime is these girls feel that they have destroyed Mayadevi’s life. Now the whole journey is what about of these young girls to their maturity because their guilt transforms them into a woman after this whole process.

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 Your fans have one obvious complaint that why are you selecting less films. So are you looking out for some right role or something like that?

Manisha Koirala: Yes, I am super-choosy. I want to work only in those scripts that I think is going to be made into a good film.

It’s been two decades now when you debuted with Dilip Kumar and Raj Kumar in Saudagar. So how was the experience on the very first day? Were you scared or nervous? What was the experience?

Manisha Koirala: Fabulous! I was nervous anyways. But I became more nervous later on that how grand and great they were, because I didn’t come from a film background. I was just out of school!

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What difference do you find in today’s filmmaking?

Manisha Koirala: Professionally, I prefer today’s time because there is better quality work, there is more realism, and girls of today’s generation are bolder. They are outspoken, which I was odd one out in my time. But today everybody is bolder and outspoken.

(Source: Bollywood Times)