Manjari Fadnnis Interview

Divya Solgama – Manjari, firstly the very patent question, what’s your character in the movie ‘Nirdosh’?
Manjari Fadnnis – I am playing as a simple Indian working woman who has a happy life to live, has a family of her own, and who is stuck in a situation which she doesn’t belong to. A woman who can’t even kill a mosquito is blamed and accused for a murder crime. So my character is basically an emotional journey of that woman.

Divya Solgama – The film is a suspense-thriller, but the element of suspense now-a-days is being less tapped in films. What’s the reason behind that?
Manjari Fadnnis – Sometimes a film work out, and a lot of films try to then ape that genre. Filmmakers try to make similar kind of movies, because of the audience liking in that genre. So usually a phase runs out smoothly, where in between that phase, someone will think something from out-of-the-box, and will create some different genre out it. And later on, that particular phase runs out everywhere.

Divya Solgama – Looking at your career graph Manjari, it’s filled with ups and down. So how do you deal with that?
Manjari Fadnnis – Shit happens, and I move on (laughs)! But yes it affects you, but it does not destroy you. We all are in a situation where every Friday changes an actor’s career, to be precise whole team’s career. In big films, even on of your smallest role gets noticed and it suddenly put you into another level. I think nothing decide your fate in the industry, or in life, for that matter. And first of all, it’s more important to deal with your ups correctly, because generally people ignore that and they don’t know how to handle the success which is coming on their way. This no one teaches you and it something goes with your personality that how you deal with it. Because the moment it goes into your head, that’s the beginning of your downfall. Similarly, when you are going with lows, one has to understand that it’s not the end; it’s a process and journey. And that’s how I look at it. However, I feel bad at times. For example, I have worked very hard in my previous film ‘Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai’. It’s an author back role, where it has an entire journey from a 16-year-old girl to a 40-year-old lady. It was a very challenging role for me, where my performance also got appreciated. But as the film didn’t do well, it fell flat. But theek hai, like I said, shit happens!

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Divya Solgama – Very few people know that you have done films in different languages, I guess six languages? So how do you balance with that?
Manjari Fadnnis – As you must have seen that I worked in lesser number of Hindi films, I have always been kind of girl who waits, picks and chooses. However I am proud with every film of mine, like for example ‘Warning’. I am extremely proud of it, but sadly the film didn’t deserved what it should get. But whoever saw it have loved it, so I am very much proud of doing that film. ‘Mumbai Salsa’ too was a film which number of people loved it, Children-based movie ‘Zokkomon’ which didn’t get promoted but later on was loved by everyone. Infact, some Canadian doctor got touch with over Facebook and shared one of the beautiful message ever in my life. He said that a small 6-7 year-old patient, who just being operated, can’t stop watching your movie ‘Zokkomon’. And I felt so good by knowing that, where kids still come to me and say Kittu didi. All in all it’s a very fulfilling journey so far, and I am very much happy with the projects that have come on my way.

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Divya Solgama – But Manjari your fans are a bit disappointed with the way you are doing very less number of films, as you are quite stingy about selecting films. Why such thing?
Manjari Fadnnis – To be honest Divya, I am in space where I am choosing films with what I am getting. So I am not deciding that tomorrow I want to work with Raju Hirani, Ashutosh Gowariker, or Aditya Chopra. I am not in that phase. I choose films with what I am getting it, where I am choosing film instinctively with what I should do. However, I do hope and wish to work with Raju Hirani sir, Ashutosh Gowariker, Aditya Chopra, or Karan Johar. Hopefully that will soon come in my life!

Divya Solgama – Manjari, if am not wrong, you even started with a talent hunt show, Channel [V] Popstars, before coming into films. However, you look into that every channel has a reality show. So what’s your take on that?
Manjari Fadnnis -I believe it’s a great platform for those people who don’t have contacts in the industry. For example, I had no one from the industry so this was an opportunity for me to show my talent, and then later on I wanted to migrate into acting. But this was a platform which I took because I could sing and a good package material. But what I don’t agree is something what I would like to tell you. I was very-very young in age when I did that reality show, and it’s very easy to affect somebody with mentally and emotionally at that time. Channels want emotions and drama, because that’s what sells. But in that they usually forget you are dealing with a human being here. I still remember that had said something to me for to get that emotion out of me, because I have reached that final level from all over India. Channels decided to go into the participants’ house to announce the results. As I didn’t cried, they tried to plug-in a dialogue in front of everyone who didn’t make it in finals. They said, “Your dream of becoming a pop-star has come to an end”! Wrong choice of words, isn’t it? Luckily I answered back by saying, “No, I don’t think so! I think, I will find my way!” And this happened, because I am quite mature in my head since very small age of mine, so I it took very well.

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Divya Solgama – But after that Manjari, why are you not seen singing so far?
Manjari Fadnnis -I actually gave my first playback in 2009 for Tamil movie. Also as I am having a lot of musical friends, so was seen doing a single with Raghav Sachar. Apart from that, I have also done a song with Pakistani singer Fakhar-e-Alam, and also coming out with a single for a music director friend of mine, and so on so forth.

Divya Solgama – Lastly, what’s coming next?
Manjari Fadnnis – ‘Baa Baaa Black Sheep’ is my next film. Also I have worked in a short film, called as ‘Caught’, which is presently on YouTube. This film is nominated in Filmfare this year under the short-film category. I have also worked in another short-film ‘Khamakha’, which in fact have won Filmfare people’s choice of award last year. Apart from this, I am doing theatre as well. My first play ever opened December last year, where we will be more shows now.