Manish Verma on his bike expedition from Mumbai to Delhi

Actor Manish Verma who is garnering immense love and appreciation from viewers for his character of Gulshan in Zee Tv’s daily drama ‘Teri Meri Ikk Jindri’, drove all the way to Delhi from Mumbai on his bike. The actor who is into Zee Tv adventurous sports loves biking and is extremely passionate about biking expeditions. During his long bike journey, Manish made a successful and safe journey back home from Mumbai amidst COVID pandemic.

“I covered the distance of 1370 km and it took me 30 hours to reach my destination Delhi. From 8 am in the morning to 9 pm in the night, I used to drive continuously and after that I used to take a halt for resting. I took two halts in these two days, the first day at Gujrat and Rajasthan border and the second day at Kishangarh. I faced difficulties also during driving in villages and jungles as there were no lights there. All dark in the night and moreover, many times there were one-way roads as well.” Manish Verma

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Speaking on what inspired him to cover such a long distance from the bike, Manish says “I have been very passionate about bike riding. The best thing about travelling by bike is you get to explore many beautiful places and scenery in your way. This I what I explored in my way. I chose to travel from bike just to enjoy the views. That’s why it took me little long to reach.“

As shooting has again stopped as per the government’s guidelines, actors says “the luck is on my side because I started my journey in the morning and that same day in evening, government announced the restrictions. Atleast I can spend time with my family now”