Maniesh Paul shoots with COVID Warriors for Saregamapa

Like we all are aware by now that work has been resumed after the process of unlocking had started nationwide and as we have breathed a sigh of relief. Recently actor and host Maniesh Paul was seen on the sets of Saregamapa and this episode was quite special for a number of reasons.

It was the very first episode post the 100 days lockdown and the episode was shot with the frontline warriors of COVID-19 who have rendered their services during these tough times to safeguard the lives of their fellow citizens. Actor and host, Maniesh Paul were seen sharing the stage with these warriors and honor them and their sacrifices in his own jolly and cheerful style.

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Maniesh added,” It was such an unforgettable moment to be on the stage with Dr.Sharmila the wife of Dr Anil who had given up his life to serving patients suffering from COVID-19 and how immensely thankful I am and I guess we all are for his sacrifice and at the same time inspired by the kind of dedication and love he had for his work. Dr Anil in true words is a real hero and his entire family are the warriors who have bearded the loss of their close one passing away while serving his fellow citizens.

It was so special to share the stage with the warriors a brave couple who arranged a minimal wedding for themselves and donated the money for mankind and this sweet guy who drove ambulances and saved so many lives. The only thing we need to is to stay indoors and take necessary precautions during this pandemic and we all should do that in order to ensure that our frontline warriors are safe and can return back to their families alive.”

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Well! Saregampa had resumed the shoot and it is going to be fun to see Maniesh back on stage and cheering us all up and also his unbeatable wit and humor that leaves us a laugh riot every time he is on that stage and we are excited for the latest episode with our frontline warriors to air soon.