Makers of Gangs of Filmistan clear the air amidst the latest controversies raised by Shilpa Shinde on the show

It’s not even a week that the show is on-air on the channel, Star Bharat’s Gangs of Filmistan has become the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. With the latest stint and controversies and issues raised by the controversial queen Shilpa Shinde a lot of claims and alarming accusations have been raised to media against the makers and the artists of the shows. While they say any publicity is a good publicity, the makers of the show decided to clear out the air by issuing the statement as below.

Talking about the recent happenings over the launch of Gangs of Filmistan, producer and creative Preeti and Neeti said, “It gives us immense pride to create Gangs of Filmistan and bring it to the viewers through Star Bharat. While a lot has been said in the media about our shooting schedules and other disciplinary guidelines set by the Government in terms of shooting schedules , we would like to clarify we are following all the rules and regulations to the T. The entire team follows all the norms and SOPs set and no just that we encourage our artists and their teams to follow them as well. Regular sanitization and social distancing practices are adhered to on a daily basis. All cast and crew members are satisfied and we haven’t received a single complaint or issue raised by any department”

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Further added, “Whilst everyone shares a great professional and cordial equation, we have recently found out a certain change in the concept of the show has irked one of our artists. We share a great bond with the talented actress and are very considerate to her concerns. She has shot with us for 3 days out of a 5 day schedule with no complaints. As a matter of fact she was excused from the shoots because she conveyed she wasn’t keeping too well and had to undergo necessary tests and medication to rest before resuming the shoot again.”

To conclude they further said, “Talking about Sunil Grover, he was added in spoofs as per the creative requirement to which all artists welcomed the decision very gracefully. Scripts and story lines do change in terms of improvisation for the shows benefit. Although in recent events it’s come to light that Shilpa has expressed her discomfort on not wanting to perform with Sunil Grover. While we assume this outburst has happened due to this creative call, we assure you we are trying to resolve this misunderstanding amicably so that we can get her back on the show”