A soul stirring musical recording of the song “Maharas” from the film ‘Shreenathji’ ; A living God of Kaliyug’. Music is inherently divine and when the right notes are hit for a celestial power, the divinity quotient goes a notch higher. The makers of the film ‘Shreenathji’ ; A living God of Kaliyug’ hosted a recording cum mini concert of one of the songs in the film “Maharas” which saw the presence of Dhrumil Kumar ji, Sadhana Sargam, Dilpi Sen, Suresh Wadkar, Shabina Khan, Dj Sheizwood, Sameer Anjaan, Dilip Shukla, Janak Sanghavi, Dhruv Sanghavi, Rajeev Srivastava, Simrann Pahwa, Neeta Reshamiya, Pandit Kiran Mishra & many more.

While Dilip Sen’s zeal and passion towards the music continue to cause fervor in nation, he spearheaded the recording of the song. Over seventy (70) musicians performed live in studio building a never experienced euphoria. Spreading the word about “Shreenathji”, the purpose of the recording was to demonstrate the purity and quality of the popular music of the era, the musicians use instruments appropriate to the period “The sole purpose of hosting an evening cum concert where more than 70 musicians will perform live was to keep the originality of Indian music alive. Since God Shreenath Ji loved music we decided to carry forward his belief into reality & record original sounds with his blessings”

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Shri Dhrumil Kumar Ji (also referred as Maha Prabhuji’s current descendant) said “Shyam Sunder Shreenathji, is not just a film but a spread of miraculous stature of Shreeji’s Leelawhich would splash you in the basking experience of Bhakti. This is the first ever enlightening and soulful hindi film about ‘Shreenathji’ ; A living God of Kaliyug”

Director of the film Rajeev Srivastava says “Hind, Classical Music has immense capacity of limitless possibilities and exploration, thus “Maharas” is the perfect form to educate people about Shree ji’s purity. Shreenathji is a form of Hindu God Krishna, manifest as a seven-year-old child (Balak); this film gives the real insights of divinity, purity and intensity confided in Shreenathji’s Leelas & so does the song “Maharas. Portraying the significant preamble of MahaPrabhuji, Giriraj ji, Yamunaji & Vrajbhumi in Shreeji’s life, we bring the audience a film which will bring the true essence of Shreeji & Krishna ji in all its glory”

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Producers Janak Sanghavi, Dhruv Sanghavi says “We want people to know about Shreenathji. Penned by Kumbhandas, Surdas, Krishnadas, Parmanand das, Nandas, Chaturbhuj DasSwami, Chitswami, Govind das, were Shreeji’s Ashtasakha who had dedicated their lives to serve Shreeji. Shreeji’s indescribable character was penned by Kumbhandas , Soordas & Raskhan in beautiful verses which are still sung in Nathdwara’s Shreenathji’s Temple”

ABOUT SHYAM SUNDER SHREENATHJI- Shreenathji is a revelation of Dwaparyug’s God Krishna, in Kaliyug. Around 5000 years back divulging from his own halo & integrating his divine energy, God Krishna formed Shreenathji’s Bal-Swaroop especially for Maiya Yashoda while leaving Gokul, so that she can shower all her love & caress on this Bal-Swaroop.

After passage of 4500 years of Kaliyug i.e. approx. 500 years back, this divine energy of God Krishna revealed its existence as ‘Shreenathji – Devdaman’ on the divine mountain Giriraj ji situated on the holy land of Vraj. Shreenathji is God Krishna thyself, an only God of Kaliyug , who is not born but emerged underneath the rock. The purpose of Shreenathji’s revelation was to perform miraculous Leelas to re-establish the lost connection between Jeev & Parmatma i.e. Re-connecting the soul and supreme.

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Divinity and popularity of Shreeji’s Leelas have influenced innumerable devotees from different walks of life and religions. It was Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb who was trying to horrify Hindus by destroying their temples but couldn’t hurt Shreeji , a bit. It was Akbar Badshah’s wife Tajbibi who was Shreeji’s greatest devotee, used to wait for hours to play Shatranj with Shreeji. It was Raskhan for whom Shreeji was his Mehboob, whose one glimpse was enough to dwell Raskhan’s heart inPrabhubhakti. It was Shreeji’s Trick to delude Mughal soldiers because of which Shreeji’s Sevak appeared like Lions and they ran away.