Love from the audience

Azhar Khan has got critical acclaim for his role of Usman, who is Celina Jaitley’s love interest in Seasons Greetings. He has been well appreciated, for his portrayal of an influential character, who adds value of perfection and provides the film a memorable character, in a very nuanced manner. He has played a role against type, deftly tackling an unconventional role. Besides his electrifying screen presence, the actor hits the ball out of the park with great performance, by completely sinking into his character.

This is an actor who seems to show increased maturity with his role and he is definitely heading in the right direction. With the promising Bollywood debut, the actor not only rose above the regular audience expectations but has also truly shown a remarkable transformation as a performer in Bollywood.

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Sharing his excitement Azhar said “As an artist, I’m elated to know, that the audience enjoyed my work and is being appreciative of it. In the film, the dialogues carried a lot of weight and it was essential to me that the message we are trying to get across, reaches the audience.

When a debutant is cast opposite seasoned actors, there’s always a speculation that their performance might get over-shadowed. However, my Co-stars Lillete Dubey and Celina Jaitley, were immensely helpful and guided me through the process. I’d like to thank our director, Ram Kamal Mukherjee, for his unceasing confidence in me and everyone who’s supported me, through this journey.”

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Azhar received a standing ovation for his phenomenal performance, at the premiere of Season’s Greetings. The film has been critically acclaimed at various national and International Film Festivals, including the prestigious Cardiff International Film Festival and Rajasthan International Film Festival early this year. Season’s Greetings film travelled across globe at various festivals and seminars. The film is critically acclaimed with particular praise for Azhar Khan’s performance.