Review of movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ by ‘Divya Solgama’


Mentoring and seeking advice in love is something everyone has experienced in our life. When it comes to our Hindi films one can instantly remember films like ‘Choti Si Baat’, ‘Shagird’, ‘Partner’ and many more. These films showcased the tales of those who are weak in their love life and needed someone to guide them. Though, the presentation of these movies used to be in a light hearted way, there were some scenes in these movies which managed to touch your emotional chord. Alia Bhatt starrer ‘Dear Zindagi’ seems to be one of these kind of movies where she is trying to manage her messed love life with the help of Shahrukh Khan. So let’s find out whether ‘Dear Zindagi’ will manage to give us a light hearted, emotional film as promised in its trailer and songs or might be one of those forced feel good type of films which lacks highly over the soul factor.


‘Dear Zindagi’ is a story of a young cinematographer Kaira(Alia Bhatt), who breaks up with her current boyfriend Sid (AngadBedi) and is ready to move into another relationship with Raghuvendra (Kunal Kapoor). Things get complicated and Kaira has to deal with the low phase in his personal and professional life. She moves back to her parents in Goa for a short time. Out there she meets a physiatrist Jehangir Khan (Shahrukh Khan) and starts following his therapies. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

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Screenplay & technical details:

The basic premise looks like a female version of ‘Wake Up Sid’. The film starts on a cluttered note which goes well with the life of Alia Bhatt in the film but fails while executing it. The scenes keep happening without connecting with you nor keeping you intrigued in the film. Despite of several happenings the narrative is super slow. In the initial phase of the film, there are few good scenes Alia breaking up with AngadBedi followed by partying with her friends and Alia’s family checking out about her sexual preferences.

The movie only picks up just before the interval at the arrival of Shahrukh Khan. His track enlightens the film and gives us some wonderful scenes in the film. The second half is way better and more interesting than the dull and boring first half. Right from Shahrukh’s entry speech to his therapy sessions with Alia very scene involving them are the best thing to happen in this tedious film. These sessions talk about judging people, talking about beautiful memories, remembering five important people in your life, relating relationships with chairs and much more. Though the best scene of the film is when Alia talks about her childhood tragedy involving her letters to her parents. This scene portrays the finest acting skill of Alia Bhatt. If only the writing in the entire film would have been this connecting the end result would have been much better. These are times when these key scenes also start sounding preachy due to other weak scenes in the film. The climax part fails to enhance the film. The cinematography of this movie is of top notch. Every frame and every scene, especially of south Goa looks fantastic on the big screen. Editing should have been crisp and up to the point.

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Music by Amit Trivedi is refreshing. ‘Just Go To Hell Dil’, ‘Love You Zindagi’ and ‘Tu Hi Hai’ are soul touching. ‘Let’s Break Up’ is average and ‘Taarefon Se’ should have been presented in a better manner. The latest version of ‘AeZindagi Gale Laga Le’ fails to get its visibility in the film (In that case, why did the makers touch this cult classic song?).


Gauri Shindi’s debut film ‘English Vinglish’ was a fantastic film and thus one did expect ‘Dear Zindagi’ to be on those lines. ‘Dear Zindagi’ is fantastic, but only in parts and is lethargic in most. The concept of the movie is superb, but fails in its execution over the silver screen. This concept was perfect for a web series displaying the various chapters of Alia’s character. Though, Gauri highly succeeds in extracting one of the finest performances from Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt. Also, manages to touch your soul in some of the fantastic scenes in the second half of the film. Wish the movie had more such wonderful scenes.

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Alia Bhatt ends up giving one more path breaking performance. Her performance in ‘Dear Zindagi’ is at par with her top performance in films like ‘Highway’ and ‘Udta Punjab’. She is so natural in the movie that you don’t see her as Alia Bhatt in the movie and connect with her character of Kaira. It’s great to see Shahrukh Khan the ace actor back on the silver screen after a long time. He is fantastic in his calm and natural character and supports well in the movie. Cameos by Kunal Kapoor, AngadBedi, Ali Zafar and Aditya Roy Kapur are great as all of them manage to charm the audience in their minimal roles. Ira Dubey and YashwasiniDayama lend good support.

Final verdict:

So on an overall basis, ‘Dear Zindagi’ is just like the ups and downs of life. Sadly, out here the downs are highly more, but at the same time the ups are totally worthy.

Rating – 3/5 (Source – BollywoodTimes)