London School of Economics invites Anupam Kher for a Keynote speech

Anupam Khers incredible body of work as an actor, includes over 500 feature films worldwide. The actor who has worked with the some of the best talent in India and internationally is also a highly sought after motivational speaker.

The star has now been invited to speak in London at the India Forum (LIF) 2018, hosted by the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE)on 3rd March 2018.

Previously known as the Economic Forum for India at LSE (EFIL), which is a first of its kind conference in the UK involving keynote speeches and panel discussions on major issues facing contemporary India across a variety of fields. The conference serves as a platform for students and professionals alike, to hear from and engage with inspiring leaders.

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Kher will fly to London this week, where he will address the students at the Old Theatre at LSE in London .

Says Anupam Kher, “It is a pleasure to speak to the students at the London School of Economics. By sharing my life experiences, I hope to motivate them to achieve their dreams, become successful individuals and most importantly responsible human beings. The youth are the future of the country and live in times of tough competition where certain failure is inevitable. The Power of Failure gave me the strength to succeed and it is our responsibility to help our youth realise this to be able to live life to its fullest.