Lockdown laugh with the legend – Brad Hogg

Article by – Chinmay Mehta

COVID 19 and the negativity around the world has not affected cricket tragic likes of Humayun Mirza and Mihir Desai to stop thinking and talking about the game.

Mirza ( with a stylish MO ) invited Australia’s most successful and highest wicket taking chinaman bowler Brad Hogg for chat, Mihir (the guy with a big smile just below Brad Hogg ) and few other cricket tragic from sub-continent also join them.

Legendary spinner entertained team Mirza & Mihir with his pleasant smile, responded to their questions and made them laugh a few times with his good sense of humour.

Welcome, Brad Hogg

How did you manage to play cricket for such a long period of time? (Hogg is the only T20 player in the world who managed to take more than 100 wickets after 40 years of age.)


I used to work with Geoff Marsh in his farm, farming was a hard work itself and we used to do exercise after the farming work. People should avoid running on hard surfaces to protect their knees and for the longevity of their career. A normal person should do cardio for at least 50 minutes a day to stay fit, suggests Hogg.

Who is your favourite Australian captain you played under?

They were all great but I enjoyed the most under Mark Taylor. I believe Mark Taylor and Michael Clarke were Australia’s best tacticians.

Who was your easy wicket?

I do not know why… (Laughs).. but Sourav Ganguly and Mahela Jayawardane were among the top batsmen, who were unable to read my deliveries and I got their wickets quite a few times.

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Who was the most difficult batsman to bowl to?

Bowling to Sachin, Lara, Kohli and others was always challenging but I knew their role in the team and I knew what to expect from them, while I find more difficult to bowl to batsmen likes of Maxwell, Sehwag who can start hitting you on the very first ball and can be lethal. Dinesh Karthik was difficult to bowl to because of his unique sweeping /reverse sweeping techniques.

Who has the best sense of humour?

I probably pick myself…and laughs…I think it is Gautam Gambhir. I quite enjoyed playing under him in KKR/IPL. Brad Hogg also talked about coronavirus effect in Australia and sub-continent. He is also hoping things to get back to normal soon and very hopeful that Men’s T20 world cup will be held in Australia as per the plan. Before leaving to the group chat Hogg talked about this favourite sledging with then Australian captain Allan Border, while playing for WA in Sheffield Shield match, Border sledged him by asking “who are you ?”, Hogg responded with his trademark big smile “I am the one who you would want to be in your team ” Both of them laughed.