Lockdown affected my sleep cycle initially – Seerat Kapoor

COVID -19 cases are growing day by day, and the world is facing the highest rate of death rates and economic fall. In addition to that mental stress is also a growing problem. overthinking and financial disbalance is a core issue in lower and middle-class families. Southern actress Seerat Kapoor has spoken openly about this. In the early days of the coronavirus lockdown, southern actress Seerat Kapoor was struggling with sleep problems.

Seerat said, “Initially, my sleep cycles were the first to be severely hit, perhaps due to the subconscious concern and chatter. A voice in my mind has been playing on a loop, off late. It echos, ‘How can I learn ways to be more compassionate than I am already?’, Gradually, Seerat managed to overcome her sleep problems as she reassessed her priorities. “The lockdown has made me reassess my priorities and has shed light on the importance of leading a more simplistic way of life. My deepest empathy lies with the fright settled in the hearts of our people. I hope and pray for this catastrophe to pass us all soon. Until then, we will withstand the pandemic and fight the test of COVID-19 together,” she added.