Liverpool community wins as Hagarty’s fight for a fair go reaps rewards

Councillor Nathan Hagarty will be at Carnes Hill Community Centre on 24 November 2021 until 17:00 to provide comment

Councillor Nathan Hagarty and Liverpool Labor have celebrated a massive win for our local community, as the NSW Liberal Government backflips on a proposal that would have slashed council expenditure on important community infrastructure in new developments.

The NSW Government’s Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Infrastructure Contributions) Bill 2021, introduced into NSW Parliament with the NSW Budget, threatened to reduce critical contributions paid by developers towards the cost of vital community infrastructure as communities grew and more housing was developed.

The passage of the Bill in its current form would have seen less money being available for public parks, footpaths and other vital infrastructure within Liverpool. Instead, the NSW Liberals have ceded to amendments put forward by local councils.

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Councillor Hagarty has been fighting against the Liberal Party’s proposal, alongside Local Government NSW, the peak body for councils in the state.

Councillor Hagarty lauded the win as a victory for Liverpool’s residents.

“I’m glad the State Liberals have come to their senses on this dangerous bill,” Hagarty said.

“Without these amendments, contributions could have been siphoned off to pay for community facilities in the North Shore or Eastern Suburbs”.

“As a Liverpool Councillor, I have always fought for a fair go for our local area”.