Palak Gupta from Sydney, The Ponds, just won the title of Miss India Global 2018 and Miss Talented 2018 in Australia, organised by Anuj Kelsheshtha and IAACA in Adelaide on the 2nd of March 2018.The event was star-studded with the well-known Bollywood actress and supermodel Mughda Godse as chief guest. The competition consisted of 20 contestants filled with glamour onstage and hard work backstage.

At just the age of 20, Palak is juggling being a full time Professional Accounting and Law student at Macquarie University, accountant for work, model, actor, dance instructor, volunteer worker for the Art of Living Foundation, and continues to grow her extra-curricular activities when she finds any spare time.

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In conversation with us she exclaimed, “It isn’t about your height, your weight, your shade, it is about the values and beliefsyou embrace, you need to love yourself, feel confident and treat your body like a temple. If you begin to undervalue yourself than you are not portraying much for the world to be inspired by or respect. My mum has always been my biggest support, motivated me and helped me understand if you give your 100% all dreams are achievable.

In preparation for living a healthy lifestyle, Palak dwells in the bliss of doing yoga and meditation every day in order to keep her grounded and energetic to accomplish more and more each day. She has been part of the Art of Living Foundation for around 10 years now and continues her journey in volunteering and also repeating courses happening around NSW.

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“The need for meditation and yoga is vital for everyone, as we tend to get so busy within our daily life, we sometimes forget to give time to taking care and fully relaxing our body and mind. It has helped me overcome issues starting from the age of 12. Negative attitudes and environments can exist anywhere, even school, but in order to be able to detach from that and focus on the positivity,I really do believe meditation can accomplish that. We live in a generation where the increase of mental issues for young adults has seemingly increased very high and I hope by helping individuals become more motivated and take on these daily exercises that we see stronger young adults in the present and future.”

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She has proven that it does not matter how busy you may be with work or studies, you can still make time for your passion and succeed if you put your mind and heart to it, all you need to do is believe you can, “and also try not to be lazy, one life is all you have!”.