Liberal Nationals to support community languages

The Liberal-Nationals are committed to investing in schools and language education. That’s why a Liberal-Nationals Government will invest $6.88 million over four years into Community Language Schools to boost per capita funding, expanding delivery to 2000 pre-school students, and enhance training and administration.

There are currently 160 Community Language Schools in Victoria, who played a leading role in providing language and cultural education to over 36,000 students in 40 different languages.

An elected Liberal-Nationals Government will raise funding per student from $215 to $245 to ensure these schools receive the funding they need to provide first-class language education for our students. The Liberal-Nationals will also reform the volunteer Ministerial Advisory Council on Languages and Multicultural Education. This will ensure that all relevant stakeholders come together to provide input to the Victorian Curriculum review to improve language education delivery.

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Only the Liberal Nationals will support Community Language Schools and give students the best opportunities in language education.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, Tim Smith:

“Formal study of a second language is proven to enhance linguistic skills, critical thinking and foster an appreciation for other cultures.

It is very important that we give the students and teachers at these Community Language Schools the funds they need to improve education outcomes.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Inga Peulich:

“The study of community languages is important to students for their personal, academic and employment prospects and in supporting our multicultural communities which have enriched our state and nation.

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The Liberal-Nationals have always been strong supporters of language education and community language schools.

As a party which supports families and communities, we recognise the benefit of studying community languages which also assist in the formation of identity and strengthens communication within families.”