Landmark NSW/Queensland Agreement To Support Northern NSW Border Communities

NSW Deputy Premier, John Barilaro has announced a landmark agreement between NSW and Queensland ensuring greater outcomes for communities on the border across a range of issues, including emergency responses.

The NSW-Queensland ‘Statement of Principles and Priorities for Regional Collaboration 2016-19’, follows on from the recent signing of the NSW-ACT ‘Memorandum of Understanding for Regional Collaboration’.

sydney-fiji“This is fantastic news for people living and working on both sides of the NSW-Queensland border,” Mr. Barilaro said. “Better coordination of government services through more effective collaboration across state lines means greater outcomes for communities.

“The agreement signals a clear intent by each government to provide more efficient service delivery and will assist in the resolution of long-standing border anomalies.”

Both Governments will address issues on a project-by-project basis in four key areas; regional economic development, alignment of services and sharing of information, local transport and issues of national significance.


It will also provide for better recognition of teacher registration and accreditation, joint planning and response to emergencies, and the integration of cross-border bus services and point-to-point transport.

“Major border infrastructure projects and the harmonisation of heavy vehicle regulations will also be actively progressed,” Mr. Barilaro added.

“A vital component of the agreement is the opportunity to better share information with interstate government agencies to ensure the protection of children and victims of domestic violence.

“My government colleagues in Lismore, Northern Tablelands, Barwon and Tweed have long championed the cause of cross-border communities, highlighting the difficulties and challenges of living and working near a border.”


The Deputy Premier said it proves the NSW Government is committed to the resolution of cross-border issues.

“I’m delighted this agreement has finally come to fruition and look forward to working with my government colleagues, the NSW Cross-Border Commissioner and the Queensland Government to tackle the multitude of cross-border issues.” 

MP Quotes 

Quote attributable to Member for Lismore, Thomas George: “This is great news for the community in Lismore – better cross-border communication will make a positive difference to the lives of people who are living, working and running businesses both sides of the border.

Quote attributable to Member for Tweed, Geoff Provest: “This agreement represents a positive outcome for residents and businesses in the Tweed and is a great step forward for all communities on both sides of the border.

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Quote attributable to Member for Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall: “Better cross-border collaboration makes for better outcomes for the people that live in border communities and I welcome the steps taken by the NSW and Queensland Governments to work together on addressing the issues.

Quote attributable to Member for Barwon Kevin Humphries: “This announcement demonstrates the commitment this Government has to address the issues faced by people and businesses in border communities and I welcome the steps taken with this agreement to tackle issues that impact on these communities.