Permanent Secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources, Mr. Josefa Caniogo opened the Fiji Land Bank Landowners Trustees Workshop in Korolevu and noted the successful strides of its Land Use Division.

“We have secured and designated 170 parcels of idle and unutilised native land compromising a total area of 10, 529.8945 hectares,” he told some 30 landowning representatives.

“We have collated a total revenue of $9,418,216.80 for our leases to date. We have completed the survey of 78 parcels of customary and issued 64 leases.”

The Land Use Division has secured financial package assistance for agricultural tenants via a joint collaboration with the Fiji Development Bank, while assessing premium and ground rental payable at market value.

“We have laid the foundations for a future of orderly, sustainable and profitable growth through the identification of viable unencumbered land before awareness before awareness and consultations with landowning units is executed. We have accordingly undertaken an ambitious range of conceptual planning for most of our unleased designated land in our effort to alleviate insecurities and uncertainties, in terms of tenure securities that have plagued the majority of our customary landowners,” Mr Caniogo said.

Representatives of some 30 landowning units were presented with bio data profile booklets, with information on processes and procedures for designated, customary land parcels.

The Ministry is currently refining and reforming the existing structures of its division to build on the roles of its public relations and marketing units.