Lakshmi R Iyer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan wanted to sing the lead song in Gandhi: The Conspiracy!

The lead song of Nugen Media Productions and producer Lakshmi R Iyer’s forthcoming film, Gandhi Hatya – Ek Saazish was initially to be sung by the maestro Rahet Fateh Ali Khan.

The team from the production house met the veteran singer in Dubai, and all agreements were made. The nazm ‘Main Na Hindu, Na Musalman, mujhe jeene do’ by the renowned late Shahid Kabir is one of the most beautiful moments of the film. The prelude is communal tension, and a small child caught in the middle of communally charged mob, thirsty for blood and revenge. It is a tense moment in the film, and demonstrates how love and caring is far more important than religious affiliations.

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A source informs, “Rahat sahab was very excited to be part of that moment, and felt it would be a great meaningful song in a wonderful movie. In fact, he contributed with a prelude to the song that sets the tune for what follows. Unfortunately, when he got back to Pakistan, he was advised otherwise by some of his benefactors, who thought that the movie might not be accepted in Pakistan, and he might get ridiculed for singing a song and being a part of a sensitive film on Partition of the country and Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination.”

Producer Lakshmi Iyer explains, “I must admit I was disappointed, but we moved on, and we were lucky that another maestro Rabbi Shergill heard the song, and it found his approval, and he agreed to sing it.”

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“For us at Nugen, it was heartening that great singers, composers and maestros of our generation – Rahat sahab, Rabbi Shergil, Hariharan sir are all part of this great project. Rahat sahab could not lend his golden voice to the project due to compulsions at home, but we are sure we shall work together another time. He is a Sufi singer of great repute and that he loved the song, and felt it was close to his heart is enough. We can’t do much about the political issues between India and Pakistan. But I feel confident this movie will be loved by the audience in both countries,” Lakshmi adds.

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Produced by Lakshmi R Iyer under the banner Nugen Media Productions and directed by Karim Traidia, Gandhi: The Conspiracy (Gandhi Hatya: Ek Saazish) is scheduled to release this year.