Red carpet Bollywood night 2016 rocks

Photos by Hemu Negi
Why should boys have all the fun? We thought to ourselves on a typical dull and chilly afternoon in Sydney. We have been blessed with the most poised, confident, intelligent, and vibrant possible women who embody themselves as not only our friends, but our family away from home. Socialising with women of such a calibre has truly helped us bring out the best in each other, embrace our individual feminine energies, and shape us into better women through fruitful conversation filled with intellectual debates, and a constant flowing exchange of creative ideas. Doing so has not just made us grow as wives or mothers, but most importantly, as our own selves being the women and values we represent.
However, there came a time where we started to realise that this positive feminine energy must be spread to a greater expanse beyond just our group of friends. Being united like this gave us immense joy and wanted more women to experience this with us. This thought is what sparked the idea in our mind to organise an non-invitation ladies night, open for any woman to attend. Doing so would reinforce the notion of not only embracing, but celebrating these unique personalities as wholesome feminine community. So after a long haul of party prep, numerous RSVPs, and great anticipation, the day of the event had finally arrived.
The atmosphere flourished in volume and radiance, as women from all over Sydney flooded in, and the party began amping up. Soon enough, minutes turned into hours, strangers turned into friends, and this eventful night of music, dance, laughter, and entertainment turned into an unforgettable memory for us all.
Ladies night, was a definite success beyond any expectations we held looking at it retrospectively. To much promise, the purpose of this event was fulfilled to its greatest potential. We would like to humbly thank everyone who helped us plan, organise, this event, and to all the wonderful women who attended and made the event as extravagant as it was. We look forward to planning similar events in the future.