Laal Ishq talks about creating 230 ghosts and what goes behind making them look scary

With television and cinema booming with interesting content, fantasy – horror has always been an audience’s favourite. &TV’s Laal Ishq which showcases this genre perfectly has made its place in the audience’s heart with its intriguing and spooky content. It has always been a fascination for viewers to watch ghosts on television screens, but do you know what goes behind making them look so real and scary?

A ghost must be fearsome enough to match the imagination of fear in one’s mind. There are multiple steps involved in creating a ghost, right from conceiving a thought to building a scary character. The producers of Laal Ishq have some interesting insights to share with you this World Paranormal Day. “We have had around 230 ghosts on Laal Ishq. To make them look real and frightening to the audience, a lot of prosthetic make up is used on them. These prosthetics take approximately 4 – 5 days to be made and even after that, if they don’t look a certain way then we get it redone which is an extensive process to go through. After this, in the postproduction phase, the editing involves heavy VFX which plays another important role in the making of the ghost. We rely heavily on VFX and prosthetics while making the ghost look petrifying and spooky.”

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Mayank Mishra who plays a ghost in Laal Ishq shares his experience of working in the show. He goes on to say, “Taking up the role of a ghost is mentally and physically challenging as one doesn’t get a chance to showcase who he is. It takes up almost 6 hours for me to get ready for my role in Laal Ishq due to the heavy prosthetics and costume. The initial thought that crossed my mind when I took up the role was that this is going to be challenging. Also, I secretly dreamt of playing the bad ghost while growing up. Every child has a certain perception of a ghost and I got to play one which was a great opportunity to come out of my fantasy world.”

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This World Paranormal Day Laal Ishq brings in some intriguing and spine – chilling episodes for its viewers.