Krishna My Best Friend

I am very excited to share my experiences at Krishna Holiday Program (Day Camp),held on 3rd to 5th July, 2017 at Chinmaya Mission’s ashram (ChinmayaSannidhi) in Castle Hill with Swami Shrikaranandaji (Swamiji). It was a three day fun filled day camp with varieties of activities for primary school kids.

Let me recap on some of the unforgettable moments. My favourite was Mathura games which included tug of war, obstacle course runningetc. I loved playing Holi and throwing colours on my friends like Lord Krishna did in Vrndavan with His friends.
We got to watch some inspiring videos about Krishna depicting his early life and lord Krishna protecting the good and destroying the evil.We were taught to dance (Dandia rasa like Lord Krishna danced with the Gopis) to some beautiful tunes and to sing devotional songs and hymns.


The children were taught as to why we do certain things in a Hinduway of life. It was good to understand the reason behind some of our daily practices. Swamiji took us on a magical journey of Krishna stories.

We got an opportunity to enact some of the stories we had learnt during the camp and we were proud to present it to our parents.We also had a quiz at the end of the last day testing what we had learnt during the camp, so we had to stay focused all through.
We did craft work that was a letter to Lord Krishna, which was quite fun. I enjoyed writing a letter to Lord Krishna thanking him for all the good things in my life and asking him to forgive my mistakes.

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All our sevaks made us very comfortable. Lastly we had delicious vegetarian food every day made by the camp volunteers.
The camp taught me some amazing values. I was taught to respect elders, have gratitude for all the good things in life. I learnt that God is your bestest friend, he is everywhere and he`ll always be there for you. I made lots of new friends, learnt teamwork and to be a good sport.

I can`t wait till the next camp! The next camp will be the annual Family Camp on October 7th to 8th, it is for the whole family. I can’t wait to go. I hear it is going to be on “Goddess Lakshmi – True Wealth” for the kids and “The Joy of Parenting” for the parents.