Koligo Therapeutics bringing 3D bio-printing to the ASX and aiming for India market

India has the highest incidence of pancreatitis in the world with more than at 120 cases per 100,000 people.

This will therefore be of health-interest to many of your readers: Australia’s first public biotech company with 3D bio-printing will list on the ASX this month.

Koligo Therapeutics (ASX:KOL) is a regenerative medicine and 3D bio-printing company and the only company in the world dedicated to the wide distribution of pancreatic islets – the cells that make insulin to regulate blood sugar – for treating acute or chronic pancreatitis, a debilitating and painful condition with few effective treatment options.

It is also developing and commercialising a range of patented 3D bio-printed tissue and other regenerative medicine products to help address serious conditions such as diabetes, liver failure, neurological diseases, and metabolic and genetic disorders. The miniature 3D structures biodegrade over time and allow better oxygen and blood flow for more effective grafting of transplants.

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• Koligo is already revenue generating with A$1.6m of sales in the United States of Kyslecel™, a pancreatic islet cell transplant therapy used to treat chronic or recurrent pancreatitis.

• Kyslecel™ and Kyslecel V2.0 to be rolled out across the US (A$900m annual market) and international markets.