Karan Johar most loved filmmaker on Social Media

Karan Johar is the most well known Film-Maker in Bollywood and thanks to his immense online popularity, Karan Johar has gone on to become one of the most followed film-makers (with over 20 million followers on Twitter and Instagram) on the social networking platforms globally.

When asked Karan about social media he says that he has realised that this is the day-and-age of immediate connectivity. If you are in the media space or in a space where you need direct connectivity with people and need their opinion, feedback, thoughts or feelings, then it is very relevant and important on social media HE admits that like “anybody else”, initially, “it (negative things online) can bother you”. “But you have to rise above it and go to a place of complete indifference and amusement which is what he did. He stepped aside and thought, ‘these faceless and nameless people must be lonely and unhappy’. So, they can’t bear the sight of somebody’s success so he has had people say weird things about him, his sexuality and even his pouts ” says Karan..

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“If he has 20 million followers, on Instagram and Twitter, then it’s also a very strong marketing tool. he won’t say, ‘oh, I am here only for the love of my fans and all.’ No, I am also here to promote my work. Within the realm of that, sometimes, you share personal thoughts and events, but mainly it is a promotional tool,” says Karan.