Kamal Haasan worked as a make-up artist for Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo 3! On The Kapil Sharma Show, the living legend reveals it all

One of the foremost actors of India, Kamal Haasan even left a mark on Hollywood, quite literally! On The Kapil Sharma Show when the actor, also fondly known as ‘Ulaganayagan’ or ‘Universal Hero’, graced the sets for his new action-thriller film ‘Vikram’, he revealed how he had worked his magic on the prosthetic makeup for Sylvester Stallone for the movie ‘Rambo 3’.

It was host Kapil Sharma who inquired after his unique talent as a make-up artist when he read about the actor being a part of the makeup team of ‘Rambo 3’. Spilling the beans on the same, Kamal Ji said, “I was working in the backlot. I made all the bumps on Mr Stallone’s face. I was learning make-up then and I was there for a month and a half, learning prosthetic makeup. I wanted to learn the art becuase nobody wanted to go and learn. So I went myself. I say, I have been learning for the past thirty years.”

Kamal Ji then said that once while he was in full getup and makeup, after the shoot he walked down a street with no one recognizing him, “It was such a pleasure because nobody knew me. I stopped at shops, drank cold drinks and I was walking in the street. That was one of the best holidays that I had.”