It’s that time of the year again!

Everyone’s favourite festival Christmas is around the corner and we all have a list of what we want from Santa ready. So, what is that your favourite &TV artists would like from Santa? We asked them two simple questions – What would they ask from Santa this year? And Who would they want to turn secret Santa for? Hear it from them….

Shaan, Coach on The Voice India Kids

This Christmas I want a quick recovery for my mother, she had a knee replacement and has been in lot of pain from the last two weeks now. I want that pain to go away quickly so that she can enjoy the new year. So that’s what I want Santa to take away all the pain from my mother. If I get a chance to be a secret Santa, I would go knock some sense in the minds of all the sansthaas who are stopping people from doing what they want to do. I will tell them to live and let live. And would ask them to stop creating communal and religious based violence in our country and make our country truly a democratic one!

Palak Muchhal, Coach on The Voice India Kids

I’m actually heartbroken because all this while I believed Santa exists, my parents made me believe in him. Then recently I got a message on Facebook saying, ‘Remember me?’, when I failed to recollect and he told me that he came to my place dressed as Santa last year. So, I am kind of heartbroken and shattered. But this Christmas I wish for happiness all over the world. One thing that I do every year is dress as Santa on 24th night and leave gifts for kids sleeping on the footpath so that they wake up with a smile next morning. And I will continue doing the same this year as well.

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Papon, Coach on The Voice India Kids

This Christmas I wish for a happier world and hope that everyone’s dreams come true. They get what good they wish for. I would want to gift something to myself but unfortunately that’s not allowed *laughs*. I would get gifts for my kids because I want them to believe that there is a world which is beautiful if you believe in it. I wish to share the same moments with people to tell them to never stop believing in things.

Himesh Reshammiya, Coach on The Voice India Kids

I would like to ask Santa for happiness, peace, harmony, good health and a lot of wealth for everyone in the universe. The kind of happiness which we have never seen, I know it’s not a small wish but something for entire the universe. If I would be Santa, I would like to gift my parents and all the beautiful parents in the world – the longest life filled with happiness, success, great health and wealth and a life where they could bless their children.

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Saumya Tandon aka Anita Bhabhi from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai

This Christmas I want Santa to give me a superb film script with a terrific role. A film that will create a legacy and a memory which will last even when I am gone. A role that I will always be proud of, something after which I feel that even if it all ends, this will give a reason to keep my head held high. As a secret Santa, I will give my husband a holiday trip to Srilanka to see blue whales because it has been his long desire.

Jay Bhanushali, Host of The Voice India Kids

I would not be asking anything from Santa this Christmas as I will be receiving a lot of surprises & gifts on that day, because it is my Birthday on the Santa day (25th December). As a result, I automatically receive a lot of gifts. So, I had this feeling when I was a kid that Santa is giving me so many gifts but gradually I came to know that those are my friends and family members who are giving me the surprises. If I get the chance of becoming the Secret Santa then I would be taking all my credit cards from my wife. I will try to be a spy and will try to figure out a way to take all those cards back. The reason behind it is the last three months of the year is always a celebration time and she can come up with ample of reasons to shop. So, I will take all my credit cards back, if I was Secret Santa.

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Jiyaa Shankar aka Dr Ira from Meri Hanikarak Biwi

I would just ask Santa to light all hearts with happiness and peace. As a secret Santa, I would do things that would bring in a better future to all the unprivileged kids.

Priyanka Purohit aka Chandini from Half Marriage

At this point, I would want from Santa is good ratings for my show Half Marriage. I would want to be my family and friend’s secret Santa and this time I have decided on the perfect gift as well. I have thought of a salt rock lamp. It’s a good belief that a lump of salt should be kept in any corner of the house as it pulls in all the negativity. And the salt rock lamp works as a lamp as well so it’s a 2 in 1 thing.