Its My Pleasure: A hilarious series that is quite relatable as well *Wink Wink*

A hilarious series that is quite relatable as well *Wink Wink*

Director: Harkirat Sandhu

Cast: Keshav Sadhna, Saadhika Syal, Saif Ansari and others

Review by Divya Solgama.
Ratings: 3.5

Digital is growing and how. It gives makers a freehand to go ahead and make something that interests them as well as the audiences. Recently, a web series titled Its My Pleasure started streaming on Watcho app. It is created by Filmy Curry Productions, directed by Harkirat Sandhu and written by Reena Kamath.

The series is about a guy named Raman (Keshav Sadhna) who decides to leave his job and begin his own company that gives pleasure. From selling sex toys to providing all the assistants about sex, his start-up is all about pleasure, so that’s why he names it as It’s My Pleasure. He has his friend (Saif Ansari) by his side who supports him in this start-up. But well, his girlfriend Rahee (Saadhika Syal) who dreams to become his wife doesn’t know about this start-up. So, will Raman’s start-up be a successful venture? What will happen when his girlfriend will come to know about it?

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The series is titled Its My Pleasure and of course it has things that will make you say ‘hey bhagwan’. But believe us the series never becomes cheap or vulgar. Reena Kamath has penned down a script that is humorous and interesting. Harkirat Sandhu has done a good job with the narration, the only thing that could have been better is the editing.

Keshav Sadhna is impressive and we must say he is a talent to watch out for. Saif will make you laugh in each and every scene. Saadhika’s screen presence is quite good and she looks gorgeous in the series. She also has many scenes where gets a chance to showcase her amazing acting talent. The supporting cast of Manoj Bakshi and Anushka Sharma are good in their roles, especially Anushka, she is simply amazing. A special mention to Bhavya who plays the antagonist in the series.

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So, let us tell you that binge-watching Its My Pleasure will surely give you pleasure *Wink Wink*.