It’s A Horror Watching This One!

Review of the movie Raaz Reboot by G9 Divya Solgama


Just before the rise of the multiplex era, horror genre had moved its space to the B-grade category focusing only on cheap skin show and titillating gimmicks. There were few film makers like Mahesh Bhatt (Junoon) and Ram GopalVarma (Raat) who tried hard in the 90’s era to take this genre to a superior level, their efforts were visible on screen but were nowhere to be found at the box office. The Bhatt’s decided to reboot this entire genre with help of some fantastic music in form of ‘Raaz’. This movie had known actors along with super hit songs and far superior in terms of film-making and all other technicalities, which was totally missing in this genre. Though, the movie was highly inspired from a Hollywood film, ‘What Lies Beneath’. Audience loved the chills, music and the supernatural element shown in this movie. This movie re-established the horror genre followed by many films and also started its own franchise in form of films like ‘Raaz: The Mystery Continues’ and ‘Raaz 3: The Third Dimension’. Both these films were hit at the box-office, making the ‘Raaz’ series one among the most successful series from our Hindi cinema. The latest offering from this franchise is ‘Raaz: Reboot’. Thus, let’s find out whether ‘Raaz: Reboot’ will manage to carry forward the hit legacy of ‘Raaz’ series or might be one more project based franchise, made only to cash-in over its past glory.

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‘Raaz: Reboot’ is a story of Rehaan (Gaurav Arora) who along with his wife Shaina (KritiKharbanda) moves back to Romania. Rehaan is not happy to be back to Romania due to which he maintains a distance with Shaina. Shaina is not happy with this cold treatment of Rehaan and before she could mend things back, she finds a blood soaked laptop in their cargo. This leads to couple of supernatural incidents after which Shaina gets haunted by an evil spirit. Shaina fails to convince Rehaan and at that time she meets her ex-lover Aditya (Emraan Hashmi) who claims to know everything Shaina has been experiencing. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technical Details

The story is interesting as it manages to build up the curiosity level in the first half of the film. Though, the format is almost similar to what we commonly see in such types of films. The twist despite of being somewhat predictable manages to keep you engaged in the film. Sadly, after that the movie goes on an auto-pilot mode with not even a single chill or a shocking moment. The horror quotient is hardly there in the movie.

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The first half is wasted with unnecessary arguments between Gaurav and Kriti followed by the whole Emraan Hashmi track which seemed unconvincing. The second half tries to induce horror quotient by showing a funny conversation between a priest and Kriti followed by forceful usage of foul language, bad make up and illogical mythological solutions. The makers have tried psychometric gimmick this time which seems bit interesting. The finale part is childish, where everyone based in Romania are shown reading fluent Sanskrit shlokas which easily help them to get rid of the evil spirit. The dialogues and screenplay is totally outdated and has been seen several times. One can also hear the ‘Bhagwan-Shaitaan’ dialogue they had heard way back in 2002 in the movie ‘Raaz’. Cinematography is good and does justice to the genre. Locations of Romania are fantastic but fails to justify the flow of the film.


Music has been always been a high point in most of the ‘Raaz’ series. Here in‘Raaz: Reboot’, ‘Lo MaanLiya’, ‘YaadHai Na’ and ‘RaazAakheein Teri’ by Arijit Singh are melodious but fails to get registered.


Director Vikram Bhatt has done more than half a dozen horror films and has some hits like ‘Raaz’, ‘1920’, ‘Haunted-3D’ under his cap. Thankfully, he has let go of the 3D factor in ‘Raaz: Reboot’. Though, the horror quotient is almost nil in this movie. Also, there was nothing new or exciting in the story line which could surpass the content and popularity of the earlier films from this franchise. It’s a bland film with forced scenes, language and nudity.

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Gaurav Arora tries hard to carry the film on his young shoulders but mostly fails. KritiKharbanda has a good screen presence and manages to leave her mark in emotional scenes. The possessed acrobatic scenes looked funny. Emraan Hashmi is strictly average in the movie, though you will like his make-up in the finale portions. The makers could have made a much better film only ifthey would had added more depth and detailing to Emraan’s character.

Final Verdict

So on an overall basis,‘Raaz: Reboot’ is like experiencing a system crash when you are trying to reboot your computer. The movie fails to come near any of the earlier franchise from the ‘Raaz’ series. It’s not a bad film but, it’s definitely a bland film which fails to do justice to its genre.

Rating – 1.5/5 (Source – Bollywood Times)