Ishita Raj finds a creative way for coping with Coronavirus quarantine!

The frightening COVID-19 pandemic may be creating such a change now—by forcing many of Bollywood celebrities to slow down, to spend more time in personal reflection, away from the noise and heave of the world. With more quiet time, more privacy, more stillness, have an opportunity to think about who we are.

As more people across the globe choose to stay safe at home, creating fun challenges and viral trends are nearly a given to make the quarantine period bearable and even, memorable. But this time Bollywood actress Ishita Raj tried something totally different. She recently shared a picture of herself where we can see her painting! She captioned the video by a very beautiful each one should understand, ”So everyone would’ve had something they wished they could do in life, but because of time, schedules, rationale, work regime could never pursue. Like to say, I wish I could sing well or sketch or play an instrument like an ace but just couldn’t remove an ample time in hand, I indulged in something I thought I could but never did. So I tried a Madhubani painting! (Don’t Judge) An amateur! Point being, in life, make everyday count in this lockdown find your indulgence that you never had the time for and indulge in!