Interview with ‘Rossh’

Interview with Rossh’ By DIVYA SOLGAMA

Q – It is often seen that music has its inspirational roots from ones childhood. So as a child what were your musical roots?

  • I do not belong to a musical family background. But I used to listen to famous composers like Nusrat Ji and AR Rahman since I was in school. Their music really inspired me a lot so I can say that these were my musical roots.

    Q – How did the musical journey of a boy from Haryana begin?

  • I used to write a lot even in school. When I was in the 10th standard, some of my writing was also admired by some of my friends. It was only in my college days that I started making basic beats with freeware software on the internet. I used to spend nights sitting continuously for 18 hours on a very old computer that I had. I then upgraded my system and tried to come into the industry with my debut song Chillam which went viral on the internet. That is how it started.

Q – How did the internet boom help you gain popularity in the social media world?

  • It helped me very much. It is because of YouTube that my debut song Chillam went viral and made me popular. I give 50% credit to the social media world for making things popular.

Q – Kindly share with us an anecdote related to your association with Bollywood?

  • I created the Goosebump song initially as a single track for myself. But when Sonu Sood Sir listened to it he liked it a lot and I could not refuse. He also mentioned some changes to be made to the track for the film. So while making the changes, I used to laugh a lot thinking about how a track which I made for myself is now getting molded by Bollywood.

    Q – How does being a YouTube sensation help you on a Monterey basis?

  • None of my big hit tracks are on my own YouTube channel. So my tracks are currently making other channels rich but not me as of now.

    Q – Pop music in our country was at its boom in the 90’s era. Do you think the social media era will revive it again?

  • No I don’t think social media can change the taste of people. If someone wants to listen to rock, he will not listen to pop, no matter what kind of social media promotion we do. Pop music will be revived only if people want to listen to it.

    Q – How was the whole experience of working for an international film?

  • It was really great since I was also working with a big international star. I made a lot of changes to the original Goosebump track as per the film’s requirement. The entire process was really fun.

Q – Which international & national singers do you adore?

  • I love AR Rahman and Nusrat Ji. I also like Beyonce’s work.