International Women’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day was celebrated by women from all walks of life on Friday the 11th of March in Liverpool.  It was hosted by none other than Mrs Universe Fiji Rukeshma Lata Sharma.  Rukeshma has a strong passion for women’s issues and using her strong organisational and leadership skills, she always delivers a fantastic event with every T crossed and i dotted. Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer charity is another annual event hosted by Rukeshma.

 International Women’s Day was a celebration of how far we have come as women in the freedom for equality as mentioned by the Chief Guest Charishma Kaliyanda from Liverpool City Council.

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There was a great line up of speeches on this year’s theme of Breaking the Bias, Mental Wellbeing, Domestic Violence and Human Rights.

Great conversations took place about where we still need to break the bias in relation to women’s economic participation, mental health and domestic violence.

It was a wonderful evening hearing about our strengths as women, some of our struggles and networking with likeminded women sharing similar sentiments.

Sharda Jogia, another speaker from New South Wales Health shared a wonderful mantra and asked all the women to repeat after her affirming our worth as wonderful and strong women.

We are women

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We are bold beautiful and strong women

We can achieve anything we set our mind on.