International Solar Alliance

The Headquarters Agreement between the Government of the Republic of India and the International Solar Alliance (ISA) was signed in New Delhi on 26th March 2018. Accordingly, Government of India (GoI) recognizes the international legal personality of the ISA. GoI shall provide support of INR 125 crore to ISA for creating corpus, building infrastructure and recurring expenditure over five years duration from 2016-17 to 2020-21.

The Founding Conference of the ISA was co-hosted by Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi along with French President Mr. Emmanuel Macron at New Delhi on 11th March 2018. It witnessed the high level participation including head of states, representation from Multilateral Development Banks/Funds, UN bodies, energy-related think tanks, corporate sector and civil society etc. ISA was registered under Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations as an international treaty-based organization. So far, 61 countries have signed the Framework Agreement and 33 countries have ratified it. All 33 countries that ratified the ISA Framework Agreement by 11th March 2018 have become the “Founding Members” of the ISA. In his speech, PM outlined a 10-point action plan for the ISA, which included: (i) ensuring better and affordable technology, (ii) increasing solar component in the energy mix, (iii) promoting innovation, (iv) providing concessional financing with reduced risk, (v) developing regulatory aspects, standards and expedite development of new solar technologies, (vi) providing consultancy support to develop bankable solar projects in developing countries, (vii) developing a local needs based regulatory framework, (viii) orienting energy policies towards sustainable development so that the SDGs are attainable, (ix) establishing a network of centers of excellence, and (x) building a strong and professionally run ISA secretariat.


PM also announced a Solar Technology Mission to fill the gap in solar technology. This national mission is expected to have an international focus and it will lead our R & D efforts in the solar sector by combining the efforts of the Indian government, and its technical and educational institutions. Further, PM announced Lines of Credit of USD 1.4 billion for 27 solar-related projects to be taken up in 15 countries. PM also announced that India will provide 500 training slots for ISA Member-countries in solar energy.

A Project Preparation Facility (PPF) has been set up by India to assist its development partner countries towards preparation of viable projects that can be considered for concessional financing under Lines of Credit. Participating countries at the Founding Conference adopted the “Delhi Solar Agenda” wherein ISA member countries committed to a clean and healthy world for this generation and 3 beyond, rooted in sustainable lifestyles. They agreed to pursue an increased share of solar energy, facilitate affordable finance, explore innovative financing mechanisms and facilitate joint “research and development” efforts to this end.