International calling is more mobile than ever

No matter where you come from, the end of the year is a time for connecting and celebrating with family and friends, wherever they are. Telstra is making it easier and more affordable to connect with loved ones overseas, with unlimited standard international calls and text from Australia now included on the Go Mobile Plus BYO $79 and above (min cost $948 for 12 months) and Go Mobile Plus $99 (min cost $2,376 for 24 months) and above plans. And, until 6 February 2018, on selected lower end plans.*

The move comes as Telstra sees international calls from mobiles continue to rise, with customers from other backgrounds making millions of calls overseas calls each month. Between July and October this year, 4.8 million calls were made to India. Telstra Country Wide Area General Manager, Tricia Wilson, said the increase in international calls reflected how improved mobile networks allow customers to connect with family and friends overseas while on the go.

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“Family bonds are not constrained by borders, and technology is playing a huge role in helping people stay in touch with loved ones spread across multiple continents.” “Customers are no longer waiting to get home to make an international call, but reaching for the mobile to share news where and when it happens, so it’s important to have an easy and affordable way to stay in touch,” Ms Wilson said.

For a limited time, new and existing customers can make unlimited standard international calls and texts from Australia to selected overseas destinations at no extra cost on Telstra’s Go Mobile Plus and Go Mobile Plus BYO 24 month plans. “Telstra’s Go Mobile Plus Plans include a generous data allowance to use on Australia’s largest and most reliable mobile network, in addition to a range of extras exclusively available to Telstra mobile customers,” Ms Wilson said.


Plans include standard calls and text from Australia to some of the most popular countries Australians call including India, China, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea, in addition to:

Accessing free Telstra Air® Wi-Fi data at over one million Telstra Air hotspots in Australia, and over 20 million Fon Spots overseas; and
Data free music streaming of Apple Music.

To celebrate this limited offer, two Telstra branded payphones in Harris Park offered free standard calls to popular international calling destinations. Callers walked down the pink carpet to connect with family and friends in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka and went into the running to win a Samsung Galaxy S8.