Indian Independence Day

On behalf of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party I send my warmest greetings to the Indian community of Australia on the auspicious occasion of Indian Independence Day. There is so much for modern, independent India to celebrate. India has become a beacon of
democracy – a nation turning economic growth into social progress, enriching its people while the world watches on in admiration.

india-ind-fijiCelebrations such as these are yet another reminder to all of us how Australia is a better, bolder, braver and bigger place because of migration. The Indian community has a fascinating chapter in our Australian story. Each and every one of you has a story. A story told in your families. A story of working hard, taking risks, building communities and making sacrifices so your children can enjoy a better future.

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The Australian Labor Party has always recognised the extraordinary contribution that migrants make to our country. I firmly believe that migration has transformed Australia into an incredibly vibrant and prosperous country. I congratulate the Indian community on your unrelenting commitment to nurture the cultural and religious traditions of the Indian community in Australia.

I wish you and your family’s happiness, success, prosperity, good health, and I thank you for your outstanding contribution to Australia’s social cohesion and community harmony.

Bill Shorten

Leader of the Opposition