In times of need

The Fiji Red Cross Director General, MsIlisapeciRokotunidau, with the support of the Head of Delegation, International Federation of the Red Cross, Ms. Katie Greenwood, handed over COVID-19 hygiene kits and pulse oximeters to the Minister of Health, Dr. IfereimiWaqainabete.

During the handover, MsRokotunidau said that the fight against COVID-19 does not fall on the shoulders of MOH alone but on everyone.

“The Fiji Red Cross is proud to work in solidarity with the Ministry of Health as they continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our volunteers have been working to help those most at risk to get access to the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine, so it is critical that we get as many Fijians, vaccinated as possible if we want to beat this virus”

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A total of 1800 COVID-19 hygiene kits containing washing soap, disinfectant wipes, PPEs, IEC materials, communication support items and 1800 pulse oximeters were handed over this morning to further strengthen the efforts of the Ministry of Health in its ongoing COVID-19 operations.

In receiving the items this morning, Hon Waqainabete acknowledged the huge support by the Fiji Red Cross towards Fiji’s Covid containment effort. “Pulse Oximeters is a critical equipment in our fight against the Covid pandemic.  Covid-19 is primarily a respiratory disease and having the right tools to measure tissue perfusion and oxygen levels, and pick up early warning signs is critically important!”, said Waqainabete.

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Pulse oximeters are used to measure oxygen levels within the body and to monitor the health of individuals with respiratory illnesses.  In the context of COVID-19, a pulse oximeter will essentially assist in monitoring positive cases, ensuring they do not become severe cases within their period of recovery.

Furthermore, with support from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Fiji Red Cross Society also provided communication support items in the form of mobile handsets to be used at the Covid-19 facilities for patients that may wish to contact their families, as part of the FRCS Restoring Family Links program.

The COVID-19 hygiene kits also assist with the proper management of home-based isolated cases, in order to maintain the safer isolation and care of positive cases, without affecting existing members of the same household.

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The Fiji Red Cross Society (FRCS) has been working alongside the Ministry of Health since the outbreak in April this year and has been supporting the national COVID-19 response since March of last year.  FRCS volunteers have been assisting health workers around the country with vaccine registrations, screening, data verification and Blood drive support.