If Ranveer is jealous of anyone, it is Kapil Sharma… reveals Deepika

This Sunday, a blockbuster episode of The Kapil Sharma Show awaits the audience as none other than Deepika Padukone, aka Kapil’s Deepu will grace the stage. It took a year for the beautiful actress to visit the show but as they say – der aaye durust aaye. The phrase ‘life comes to a full circle’ is true in a sense, because Kapil kick started this show last year and the first guest was Ranveer Singh who had recently married Deepika and made it a point to rub it in! And the ever so graceful Deepika on her birthday (5th January) will be seen on The Kapil Sharma Show as we all revel in the New Year festivities! Apart from promoting her upcoming movie Chappak along with Meghna Gulzar, Deepika will be seen spilling the beans on a lot of unknow aspects of her relationship with Ranveer.


In a candid conversation, Kapil recalled the day he attended Ranveer and Deepika’s wedding reception. He complained to Deepika about Ranveer mocking him in the wedding. He says, “During the reception, when Deepika was busy attending to the guests, Ranveer walked towards me and did a victory gesture saying Dekh Deepika le gaya mai”. Archana comments, “Before Deepika’s marriage where ever we used to go we used to spot this beautiful couple everywhere.” Kapil responds, “That means only I wasnt aware of Deepika and Ranveer’s relationship”. “Of course Ranveer kept it hidden from you because you were the toughest competition for him”, remarked Archana. Deepika added, “This is true. If Ranveer is jealous of anyone it Is you (Kapil Sharma).”

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Conversations continued when Kapil tried to enquire about a rumor from Deepika that her and Ranveer’s shoe sizes are exactly the same and they keep on exchanging each others’ footwear. Confirming the same Deepika comments, “Yes this is true. Our shoe sizes are almost the same. We often wear each other’s shoes”

Deepika confessed that she is a die-hard fan of golgappe and shared a few of her favorite golgappa place. She says, “My favorite golgappa corner is in Bandra and in Kolkata in-front of Sabhyasachi shop.”