‘I Think Everyone Should Separate Their Personal And Professional Lives

For more than a decade Katrina Kaif has been entertaining the Hindi film lovers by giving them many hits and super hits. Our Bollywood guide ‘G9 Divya Solgama’ had a privilege to speak to her regarding her role in Baar Baar Dekho, her personal life, equation with her co-star, details about her forthcoming film Jagga Jasoos and lot more.(Source – Bollywood Times)

baar-baar-dekho-fijiKatrina, you last few films despite of being different failed to match up with the expectation level. So in-comparison with films like Fitoor and Phantom, is Baar Baar Dekho relatively safe film?

Katrina – I don’t think there is anything as a safe film. I feel a film either connects with the audience or doesn’t connect. I have been pretty fortunate as the audience have supported most of the films I have done. But sometimes things go wrong and at that time film does not do well. I have tried to do different type of cinema right from the beginning of my career. I remember lot of people had question at the time when I was doing Singh Is King and on the other end I was doing a film like New York.

Both were totally different film as New York dint have lip-sync songs or any gimmicky glamour whereas Singh Is King was the high octane glamorous film. I always tried to maintain that balance, maybe I might have not totally succeeded but still I keep doing it. For me when I hear a script it has to instantly connect to me and whenever it has failed to connect fully, the movie has not worked. Baar Baar Dekho touched me personally as it had a script which I could relate to it. I believe it’s one of the best scripts I have heard. It touched me and moved me. I feel with the character as it connects to me and I feel it will connect with most of the women.

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Katrina, as you said you sign a film which connects with you. So in the case of Baar Baar Dekho, what was the connecting factor which made you sign the movie?

Katrina – The message I took with me is that we need to remember that it’s not always about the destination, but also about the journey. We are all in such a rush to achieve something, a name, a position or a place that we forget to ask ourselves if we are happy with the journey. Are we enjoying every day, every moment?Apart from that, as a woman, it resonated very strongly with me. When a woman is at home and not getting that kind of importance or attention or made to feel special from the man in her life, it’s very frustrating. Especially in cases when the woman is raising children.At times, women are made to feel inconsequential. It’s a sad, painful and a lonely feeling. The loneliness and the frustration that my character goes through in the film were emotional. It’s a film that today’s generation, or everyone for that matter, will relate to. In short, it has a great story, real emotions, a fantastic director, a wonderful character for women and Sidharth for the girls.

Speaking about Sidharth, your chemistry with him on screen is looking fabulous. So what was the working equation with him while doing this movie?

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Katrina -It was amazing.In a romantic film, there’s a need for the chemistry in the script, for it to be portrayed by two actors. You are looking into another person’s eyes and expressing your emotions. It helps if there are a comfort level and a nice vibe.There was never any moment when he came in as a newer person, thinking that I have done more films. Both of us came in with the same passion and mindset. Sid is an easy person to work with. He’s is very steady and in control of what he is doing. He is a great performer and that helps you.I thought he was a strong romantic hero in Ek Villain. He has a strong physique, even his voice has a commanding presence.

Katrina, how tough was it getting into a bikini body?

Katrina – The physical shape for that wearing a bikini in the movie was not intended for glamour. It was intended to create a different look between two ages in the film.There is an age in the film just after their marriage, and there wasn’t much we could do with add-ons like clothes. So we wanted to give that difference in physicality.We have mainly seen guys like Aamir (Khan) bring about change and the way they do that changes their weight. In Dangal, Aamir has a huge transformation. But that obviously is on a different level.

Katrina, you went through a lot in your personal life while shooting for Baar Baar Dekho. How did you deal with it?

Katrina – I think everyone should separate their personal and professional lives. Although there’s a lot that can be said on this topic, I am sure people will understand what I would say if I was to say something. Having said that, I have taken a decision to not talk about my personal life and stand by that. I have my own reasons.So you take every moment in life as it comes.I still say, every time someone from the media asks me this question, it comes from a place of love and care. You can dissect my statement but my answer would still remain the same.

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Katrina, Jagga Jasoos is in making since a long time. So what’s the final update on it?

Katrina – I believe they have announced the release date in April. I have known Dada (director AnuragBasu) for a long time. He is a dear friend.During the making of Barfi! also, I remember similar things had happened and everyone was saying the film is taking so long, everyone was frustrated and saying, ‘Dada, what you are doing?’I believe Dada makes beautiful and unique films, and they take extra time. It is as simple as that.Dada is a true artist, you cannot rush him. Until he has everything in the right place, he doesn’t move on. That’s risky but admirable as well. Jagga Jasoos is not a normal film. When you see it, you will understand that it is an attempt at a genre which has never been done before in Hindi cinema. When you are trying something that has never been done before, there is a lot of trial and error.