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I take inspiration from Priyanka Chopra to portray Niya

The fresh face on television Anjali Tatrari has been a powerhouse of talent and being trained by the veteran Varun Badola is a cherry on top! She recently even won an award for her portrayal as Niya Sharma in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan and the father-daughter chemistry is much talked about these days. While Anjali was a fashion blogger herself before she became an actress, and now on the show, she has taken up the role of an entrepreneur.

Anjali who is an ambitious girl, is taking inspiration from actress Priyanka Chopra and her much-celebrated dating app! The actress’s vision and strong personality has given the budding star the right motivation she needs, and she is applying that beautifully in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan. In the show, Niya has quit her job at went and started working on designing her own app as a start-up business. With full support from her father, Niya is trying her best to take all necessary actions to make her app successful.

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Behind every successful entrepreneur is an inspiration. On being inspired by Priyanka Chopra for this role, Anjali says, “I really respect Priyanka for all the things she has done for herself. From being a good speaker, to a successful entrepreneur, to every film that she has worked in, she has always been a key inspiration in my life. I am applying this inspiration to portray the character of an entrepreneur in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan. I feel the world needs more women like her.”