“I like Alia Bhatt, she is a complete package”, says Kartik Aaryan.

Kartik Aryan, Interview ******* In conversation with Divya Solgama

“I like Alia Bhatt, she is a complete package”, says Kartik Aaryan.

The actor, who has a huge female fan following and actresses like Sara Ali Khan and AnanyaPandey wants to date with him, is all set for his next film ‘Luka Chuppi’. He talks here about the film, his character, thoughts on live-in relationship, about Kartik Aryan haircut, datingrumours withNushratBharucha, pressure on choosing right scripts, and what advice his industry friends gave him on how to handle stardom.

How does it feel to be a bankable actor now after SonuKeTitu Ki Sweety?
Finally! It’s not like SonuKeTitu Ki Sweety is my first, as there was PyaarKaPunchnama and alsoPyaarKaPunchnama which did more than 70 crores of business. But the recognition came from SonuKeTitu Ki Sweety, as before that probably no one even knew my name and referring as monologue-wala actor. The movie actually had given a kind of re-birth to my name KartikAaryan.

Do you feel sad that you got a bit late recognition?
I used to get sad earlier, but now it’s all good. But yes, you feel sad for sure in a way that this should have happen earlier. It’s not like I haven’t delivered hits before, but there might be a reason to it. However, audience have always loved me, be it female or male fan following. And this was actually huge because of PyaarkaPunchnama. In addition, my female fan following got increased because of my film AkaashVani. Although it was a beautiful film, but sadly didn’t turn out well at the box-office. The film did receive its appreciation later, but I didn’t come on the favorite list among audience. I became a household name among the because of my Sonucharacter in SonuKeTitu Ki Sweety. The film was loved my family audience, had major hit songs in it, my character was like a quintessential hero, etc. And so, these all things helped me to change my professional life.

Your film ‘Guest In London’ also didn’t worked out that well. What’s your take on that?
I don’t know the reason behind this, but sometimes something just doesn’t work on your favor. There was no option for me to choose any film, and I was literally surviving on limited things. I was just doing my best in whatever I was getting offered. When films like AkaashVani and Guest In London didn’t worked, then I realized that something is happening wrong here and need to fix it.

Do you feel that AkaashVaani was a film ahead of its time?
Yes! Subject wise it was for sure. But it’s a film which will always be a relevant.

What was your experience working in your home-town Gwalior for your film Luka Chuppi?
It’s actually a Mathura-based film, but the shoot happened in Gwalior because my and Kriti’s character decides to live in that city after being in a live-in relationship. Our families are staying in Mathura so it was not possible for us stay over there and so we decided to shift over there. I was not playing a Delhi boy character in the film, and so it was quite different for me to play such type of character. I had total fun playing GudduShukla in Luka Chuppi who lovable, innocent and straight-forward guy that gets trapped in various situations resulting in comedy of errors. The prime thing of this movie is its family in which each and every member has its own agenda. And because of these different characters, the movie gets hilarious as it unfolds.

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What is your idea of live-in relationship?
Marriage is a very important decision in one’s life, and so if two people want to spend time together before tying knot then I think there is no harm. If two people have decided to be in a live-in relationship, then they can for sure. Further, the two people can be from same-sex as well. In my case, I don’t mindif someone who loves me and wants me to be in live-in relationship.

What about Sara Ali Khan and AnanyaPandey who had expressed their emotions towards in Koffee with Karan?
They said about going on a date not for live-in (laughs)!

Are you open to date any actress or have any reservation? And what kind of qualities are you looking in your partner?
Yes, I am open to date anyone and wouldn’t mind if she is an actress, because I don’t have any kind of negativity of my profession. However, the most important quality should be the trust-factor. Our industry is filled with full of busy schedules, so one should have that kind of trust, especially if he/she is an actor. I am an honest person in real-life and will take care of my partner whoever it would be.

It was rumored that you were dating Nusrat Bharucha. How true is that?
No, never! We have always been friends! Many actors are now working together in several films, so it has become a clichéd now to assume that they dating each other.

Any young actress which your mother like it?
My mother likes Alia Bhatt, where even I like her as an actor. She is actually a complete package.

In metro cities, the idea of a live-in relationship is relatively acceptable, but the same is different in smaller towns. So what’s your take on that?
Because of this only our film is a satire take on that! To be honest, live-in is somewhat complicated in metro cities as well. In Mumbai, even bachelor doesn’t get a house a rent where I didn’t get one for the longest period of time. Further, if the house owner gets to know that I am an aspiring actor that things become even more difficult. However, the film gives you a message in a light and entertaining manner.

Are you aware of something known as Kartik Aryan haircut?
Yes, I got to know about this recently (laughs). I used to remember that such type of trend of was there in our earlier days, where my mother used to tell few stories related to that. For instance, I remember Sadhna Cut was quite famous during those days, and such type of trend was there till Sanjay Dutt. And so,I am just happy that it’s happening today with Kartik Aryan haircut.

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Have you followed this trend and done a haircut of any actor?
Yes, I have done in my childhood and school days and followed the style of Shah Rukh Khan that had some messy look. Also, I have followed the style of Salman Khan from Maine PyarKiya.

Now you are getting that recognition just like other actors, so are you worried of paparazzi?
No, I am not worried at all and quite normal about this. I don’t mind if my picture gets clicked by paparazzi because it runs 4-days in news but then gets drizzle out. To be honest, paparazzi were least interested before SonuKeTitu Ki Sweety and I was praying that they click my pictures. But now after getting recognition, I am not praying reverse in a way that nobody clicks my picture. Instead I like and enjoy the attention. Further,paparazzi have supported me a lot and have always been there. To click just one picture of mine, they were standing and waiting for hours. And so it’s not fair that we run away from them, because at least we should give them respect for this. I still remember that I was hiding my look of my next film PatiPatniAurWoh, but still I faced paparazzi. Though I covered my face for not to reveal the look, but intentionally faced paparazzi.

Also, after getting good recognition now, do you still go and watch other movies in theatres?
It’s not easy, but I still manage somehow and watch movies because I simply loving watching it. Earlier I used to watch the entire weekend of movies (Friday-Saturday-Sunday), but these days I am not getting that much time due to promotions and other commitments.

Considering your recognition and love from the audience now, so do you feel that pressure and responsibility to choose the right scripts and projects?
Yes, apart from responsibility there is also a sense of judgment now. People will now judge me more, because they know that I am getting that option to choose scripts which was not there earlier. Also, before choosing any script, I had that gut feeling to act like an audience. After reading any script, I make sure to consider myself as target audience and then choose the right one.

Your female fan following is so huge where Dinesh Vijan recently said that girls will bring their boyfriends to watch your film. What’s your take on that?
I am flattered with all the female reactions coming till now. I truly wish that it continues and their choice remains intact. Apart from this, with films like PyaarKaPunchnama and my earlier films, the male audiences have appreciated my work through characters that I have played in it, especially the monologue. Male audience believed that my character has shown their side of painful story in a funny way, and everyone took it in a pinch of salt. With respect to that, I have got some male fan following as well. Further, I have got female fan following because my characters were always lovable. Now, hoping both the audience will come and watch Luka Chuppi.

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How was your working experience with Kriti Sanon in Luka Chuppi?
Kriti is wonderful and I have enjoyed working with her thoroughly. We didn’t required any ice-breaking session because of our chilled-out nature. In fact, Kriti and others are still calling me as Son of Gwalior. And it so happened that when we went to Gwalior for the shoot, people over there have put several hoardings at different places with my picture in it by writing ‘We Welcome Son of Gwalior’, as it’smy hometown. But the fun fact here is that the picture in those hoardings was quite old, bad and a bit tacky, so I was confused whether to show people my hoardings or hide it from them. Everyone was laughing on the situation, where Dinesh and Kriti started calling me Son of Gwalior from there onwards. However, it was a memorable and enjoyable experience at Gwalior, because I have recalled my childhood days and shared it with everyone.

Your certain image was build-up after PyaarKaPunchnama. Do you feel that it would break after Luka Chuppi?
Yes, of course! I was doing a bromance kind of films earlier, but now I have shifted to romance. Also, there’s a perspective of family-angle in this film, which help me to create a different image.

Was it a conscious decision to break your image by choosing Luka Chuppi?
It was not a conscious decision, because if it was PyaarKaPunchnama 3 that had a good script in it, then would have done that also. However, I liked the script of Luka Chuppi very much because everything was new and challenging to me.

Your next, PatiPatniAurWoh, is also based on a family-drama. So was it that a conscious decision to choose film after Luka Chuppi?
Yes, it was a conscious decision. Because I have always felt that 4-ticket is always better than 2-ticket (laughs)!

What preparations you did for your role in Luka Chuppi, especially the dialect?
I have actually studied the tutor (Pankaj) of my dialect. Although I have never told him about this, because then he would be then more conscious. Also I have studied the writer (Rohan Shankar) of this film. The mixture of these two people is actually GudduShukla in Luka Chuppi.

Any tips or guidance you got from your industry friends for how to deal with the stardom?
Most of them said that stardom should not go over your head. Every newcomer fears the same and so everybody advices to be the same person which you were before.

It’s been said that you are ready to take-up a negative character. So have you been offered with respect to that?
You will get to know that soon!