I got so comfortable holding the gun that it almost started feeling like it was an extension of my body

She can play any role or character with finesse and ease. From an action-oriented role as cop or the female lead in a dance crew, Shraddha has time and again proved that she is versatile. Directed by Sujeeth, Saaho showcases a power struggle amongst the crime lords to rule over the underworld. With a gripping storyline and hair-raising action sequences, this movie marks the debut of Prabhas in Bollywood opposite the stunning Shraddha Kapoor. Elaborating her experience working with the Tollywood actor to performing the stunts, Shraddha Kapoor on the occasion of the &pictures premiere on 25th April at 8pm says:

Elaborate a little about your role in the movie?

I was super excited to play the role of a cop for the first time. It’s such a privilege. The police do so much for the country, it’s an honour for me to represent them on the big screen. I also consider it a special role because I represent such an integral part of the security force of our country, it felt awesome. I havesome amazing action sequences also as it is a very strong character.

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How difficult was it to play the role of a cop in Saaho?

Since this was a big budget film, there were lots of expectations to meet. Playing the role of a cop is not an easy task, there is a lot of different personality traits associated to it. Therefore, to make my character Amritha look convincing, I went through a little bit of training of how to use a gun along with some action training. While training I did get a few injuries, but since it was the first time, I was playing a character like this I didn’t give up and gave in my best. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this role, its surely going to be a memorable part of my life.

The pistol was an important element to your character, how easy was it to get used to it?

Throughout the shoot, I got so comfortable holding the gun that it almost started feeling like it was an extension of my body. When not shooting or during breaks I got so attached that if I didn’t have my weapon with me, I would always enquire about it. The fact that you have to use it responsibly was another important aspect which I had to be extremely careful about. Till date I am in awe of a police officer’s mind, it is so sharp in terms of how they react to situations and even use the gun.

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Was it difficult to shoot simultaneously in different languages?

Yes, it was difficult. We shot everything twice, so I was worried whether I will be able to get the same reaction in the shot in the other language. It was also difficult for other actors and technicians as well because we had to capture the whole mood again. Sometimes, it’s that spark, that you get in one go which works well for the shot.

How was your experience working with Prabhas in the movie?

When I first met Prabhas, we hit it off instantly.Working with him was an amazing experience. He is a good person who is an excellent artist and used to laugh and joke with everyone. While shooting in Hyderabad, far from my homePrabhas and his team made me feel so comfortable that I felt as if I was at home only.

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Q. How do you feel about the success of Saaho?

Saaho is my biggest grosser till date and I am cherishing every bit of it. I am on top-of-the-world — as the film has been received and been great. I am really excited about how it’s going to reach a larger audience through the &pictures premiere.

How would you like to describe your experience while working with the team of ‘Saaho’?

My three years of experience working with the team ‘Saaho’ was great. Our producer always made me feel like I am part of the UV family and made me feel at home in Hyderabad. It was an honor for me to work in this film as it was my first multi-lingual film. The creative team, stunt team, director, producer or we can say the whole team was so talented to work with.