I didn’t want to come back (in Mumbai) to act after Hum Naujawan (1985)

Tabu Interview by DIVYA SOLGAMA

“I didn’t want to come back (in Mumbai) to act after Hum Naujawan (1985)”, says Tabu.

After Golmaal Again, the versatile actress is again seen with Ajay Devgn in a romantic comedy film ‘De DePyaar De’ along with RakulPreet Singh. In an exclusive conversation, she talks about what prompted her to take this movie, why she is seen lesser in comedy movies, working experience with Gulzaarsaab and DevAnandsaab, also working experience with veteran actor Anil Dhawan in ‘Andhadhun’, and revealed the name of an actor which she missed the chance of working with him on-screen.

What prompted you to take this movie, De DePyaar De?

The story of the movie prompted me to do it, where I thought the role quite suite for me. It has so many elements such as relationship, fun, humor, tears, complication, etc. There’s actually so much to do in my role, and so took this movie.

Ever since you have started your career, you have maintained a fine balance between doing commercial films and off-beat cinema. So is this a conscious decision of your to balance it out?

It was not conscious, but as and when it was happening, I was really feeling good about it. I was quite happy about getting all kind of genres of cinema, could fit in the respective roles, and then accepted among the viewers. So, it’s fantastic for any creative person to work on different platforms.

Is there any attractive factor for an actor to choose a comedy film?

As an experience, it’s fun. Also, it’s a good practice for interactive work, because you are working with a bunch of actors where timing is very important. Further, when you are speaking funny lines, it feels very good for an actor. Also, people like to be entertained, and so you want to be a part of an entertaining film.

Earlier movies made in Hindi cinema or South Cinema didn’t have that much exposure like the way it has today, because now-a-days movies like Baahubali or Robot are being made and released in multi-languages simultaneously. As you have also starred in many south films right from 90s, so don’t you think that if such kind of exposure would have happened at that time, then things would have different for you now?

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I was actually not looking for exposure at that point of time, because that was the world in its own. I was working with people like Mani Ratnam, Priyadarshan, Rajiv Menon, and so on. My first film in south was a Telugu film, because I am from Hyderabad and that language I am quite comfortable with. Also I was doing some really fantastic scripts down south, like Mani Ratnam’sIruvar is still one of my favorite ashad played one of my best characters in the film. It was so beautiful and soulful, and there was so much to do with my character in Iruvar. So, I was always doing good films and working with some of the finest directors over there in South, and that was good enough for me.

Before Golmaal Again, there was a big gap for you to do a comedy film. What was the reason behind this?

I think that at any given point of time there will be fewer funny films being made. The ratio of non-comic movies are lesser than the comic ones. Also, not a lot of women get to do comic or humorous roles. And so it’s not just with me, this is just a norm running in the industry.

With respect to film’s storyline, do you think that the idea of 50-year-old guy falling in love with the girl who is half of his age is more acceptable now?

I think in society it has always happened and is not a new thing, but in films it had a template earlier where hero and heroine both were in same kind of age. However, the audience is now ready for anything.

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You worked with Gulzaar sab twice, Maachis and Hu TuTu, so can you share something on that?

The character which I played in Hu TuTu is one of my favorite till date. Also, the story of the same is very complex and path-breaking. It was fantastic for me to get character; especially I was so young at that time. So I think such kind of characters and responsibility really somewhere stretched my bandwidth about and understanding my characters as an actor. Association with Gulzaarsaab and the trust he had with me truly capitulated in believing that this particular is open for me and will work among audience. The conviction paid off because of doing such kind of characters.

You have worked with both the brothers, actor Anil Dhawan and director David Dhawan. So how’s that feeling?

Yes, it feels really great, and they both are completely different people. However, it was great working Anil ji because all the stories of 70s, anecdotes, and all the gossips and lesser-known facts about other actors you get to hear from him. As far as Andhadhun is concerned, he was just suited for his role in it. In real life also he is very chilled out person and doesn’t take him quite seriously. And so, he was most-suited for PramodSinha’s character in the film.

How was your working experience with legendary DevAnanadsaabin ‘Hum Naujawan’ (1985)?

I was too young and nervous at that point of time. I was in school those days, and so he had always treated me as small little girl. It was very unnerving for me to do that film, so went back to school (in Hyderabad) after completion and didn’t want to come back (in Mumbai) to act. But after that film, I have always kept in touch with him. There are really fantastic things about him that you can take from that person. Everyone knows about his zest of life nature, but he always spoke about the importance of having confidence in life. He wanted everybody to live their lives with happiness. And he had that kind of appreciation for everything – for the work I am doing, the way I am living, and so on. And this is not just for me, but for everybody. He had a very appreciation kind of nature for the world around him. I have never seen him sad, upset, angry, complaining, displeased, etc. I just remember a happy person who is happy for the world.

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There were many films in your career that didn’t do well. What do you want to say on that?

You can’t have regrets! It’s all about having an experience. And because of such experiences only you are what you are today. These learning experiences make you understand on what to do and what doesn’t work for you. And that’s how you grow!

Any actor you wish or miss the chance of working with him on-screen?

Sanjeev Kumar

There’s a lot of talk about content cinema and women-oriented roles going around these days, but you did such films way before such talk started and still became successful. So do you think that drum-beating is necessary in today’s world?

Actually, there is so much noise around you that till people do not increase their volume, they are scared that they won’t be heard. And that’s the reason you have to constantly beat the drum, try to break the noise and make yourself seen, heard or felt. Also, it has become a trend now-a-days, where if everybody is talking, then rest other feels the same and starts talking with much higher volume.