‘I am okay showing my body’

‘Kirti Kulhari’ in conversation with G9 Divya Solgama

Kirti Kulhari is known for her films like ‘Shaitaan’ & ‘Khichdi’. Our Bollywood guide ‘G9 Divya Solgama’ had a privilege to speak to her regarding her role in ‘Pink’,her working experience with Amitabh Bachchan, web series and lot more.

kirti-kulhari-fijiKirti, first things first share us something about your latest film ‘Pink’?

Kirti Kulhari -The first thing I actually heard about the script was ShoojitSircar. Then I heard the one liner and I was like ‘I am on’. I was looking forward to doing a film with ShoojitSircar because I didn’t know about sir’s (Amitabh Bachchan) presence in the film till much later. Then I was told he (Amitabh Bachchan) would also be a part of it, I was like ‘woah, this is big’.For me the whole opportunity and experience was exciting.When you say that you have to be in the right state of mind, it’s very true. For an actor, it is not like you have to go crazy to do an intense or a crazy role. I think preparation wise, we had workshops which I really believe in. It is scary for me to do a film by directly showing on the set without any preparation. In theatre, you rehearse and rehearse for months and then finally perform and I am from a theatre background so by the time you start shooting after the workshops, you’re so much in sync and in tune with your character, other characters and story, then magic happens. That’s what happened in ‘Pink’ with all of us. We have some very intense, emotional and beautiful scenes which were acted out in a more magical way.I say Pink is my best work so far because of the kind of team I was working with, with the kind of writing and the kind of subject it is.

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Kirti, how was your association with the legendary actor ‘Amitabh Bachchan?

KirtiKulhari -He is a great co-actor to work with. He is so involved and is preparing himself all the time. Even at this age, it is almost like his debut film. That much he works on it. Sometimes I used to be like ‘should I just go back to my van and pretend like I am working on something. You cannot match up to his energy level. That was the impact of working with Amitabh Bachchan.

Kirti, you started your film career with a comical film ‘Khichdi’, but later moved towards serious type of cinema. So was this a conscious decision or you just went ahead with the flow?

KirtiKulhari -No, it’s nothing. I would love to do a comedy but then I should also get something like that. It’s not just stupid, foolish comedy that I want to do. Although ‘Khichdi’ was different in that way and it was my first film. I enjoyed doing it and I would do it again if I got a chance. The kind of roles I have chosen, it’s more of an image that I have built up, not wanting to build that image but I think I am just serious about my work and people take it personally that ‘ye tohladkibadi serious ho gayihai’.I am open to other work.

Kirti, in that case what are your views on the web-series and television shows?

Kirti Kulhari -I also got offers for web series and if everything goes well I’ll be doing one. I am more open to web series than television. I can’t do TV, I think I’ll die as an actor first and as a person. I am open to reality shows like hosting or something like a ‘24’.I haven’t seen a single episode of it but in terms of the concept, I can do that. I am okay with giving my 1-2 months of my life to just play around with it in whatever way, but more than that, no. I am more open to web series because they are uncensored so people are going bizarre with the concepts they choose. Web series is a very new thing in India. People whose couldn’t experiment much because of the censor and TV, suddenly they have got the freedom of expression, and how! The freedom of expression is all about gaali-galoch (abuses), sex and all that.It’s that phase of web series.Once the starting phase settles down, then we’ll find a few players who will find their space and will be able to give it the important that web series deserve. The production value is low so it isn’t fun to watch also. It’s been around in the west for some time and they have some amazing stuff, we are far behind. Their web series are bigger than our films.

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Kirti, do you think as a country, we have been more judgemental and aggressive when it comes to women and they should conduct and shouldn’t?

Kirti Kulhari -Ya. I am sure there are worse countries than us but that doesn’t hide the fact that we‘re any good.
It’s good that there are some changes happening but unfortunately, we have a long way to go. It’s not about women empowerment, equality and feminist, these things aren’t that complicated. Actually if you see it’s not about a woman. Even if it was a man, he would ask for similar things. Yes, women have been suppressed a lot as a gender, in general, in the country. Even today in a normal household, a girl will be told how not to dress up, how not to come late in the night. I am not saying this is the main issue. The main issue is something else- how are you stopping the growth of something as a society, parent and family? We are talking about women but it could be a man also. Parents are a lot to blame. They pass on such things, which isn’t their fault also, they have learnt and seen that and they will pass that on to their kids. Like my parents made their own set of mistakes while making me grow up as a girl because they didn’t know any better. So can I go and tell them that ‘you screwed my life?’ No, I can’t. That’s why your own growth comes in the picture. Today I am able to see what was okay and what wasn’t. Will I pass these on to my kids? No. When everyone starts changing, things will change. Women, as a gender, are more attract to look at. If you have a fat woman and fat man going, you’ll still look at the woman. Everybody will look at a pretty woman. These judgements are not about the industry or outside, it is just judgements, period. These judgements need to be questioned. As I said everyone wants to look at a pretty girl, so they are shown. If today, I am okay showing my body, I am okay, you can’t question me on that.

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(Source – Bollywood Times)