I am like Rolls Royce cars

‘Vidyut Jamwal’ in  conversation with ‘Divya Solgama’  
( Source – Bollywood Times )

Vidyut, your action scenes in ‘Commando’ were highly appreciated and loved by the audience. So, what next can we expect in ‘Commando 2’?

Vidyut Jamwal – The responsibilities had doubled up after the release of ‘Commando’, as everyone expected me to do more dare-devil action in ‘Commando 2’. People had great expectations when I signed ‘Commando 2’, so I had to work very hard. People used to ask me that in ‘Commando’, you jumped through a car window so what next. So I started working harder than before and I am sure you can see the trailer and the movie you will realize that we have surpass everything that we have done. The type of action we did in ‘Commando 2’, has not been done in any Hindi or let’s say at some point even in International films. It’s different and grand.

Vidyut, very few people know that you choreograph your action scenes. So, what inspires you to create such crazy dare-devil stunts?

Vidyut Jamwal – Whenever I go into a hotel, somebody’s house or on the streets, if I see something I start imagining that how do I use this in an action sequence. So that imagination keeps going crazy and then I start thinking that how do I use that. That’s how the inspiration comes to me and I choreograph my own action scenes.

Vidyut, as you choreograph your own stunts, is the mental pressure of doing such stunt more than the physical one?

Vidyut Jamwal – Many scenes have been tough, in fact, almost all the stunts I have done, have been tough. In ‘Commando 2’ there are several scenes such as passing under the car, jumping into a small window, there is this scene where I have climbed three floors without stairs and that too with a help of a different type of ladder. Then there are many such scenes where I have jumped over a car or jumped from the roof of a building. All these scenes have been very difficult, but I knew I would be able to do it. For example, the window sequence in the movie. First, I went and saw the window, then I tried jumping into it and I could not do it. I am too big for that window. I went back to the hotel and started thinking about it and visualized it for more than a thousand times. Next morning, I again went back and tried to just go through the window and then I started passing through it slowly and tried to understand the space and its dynamics. By the time we started shooting, I did that stunt in just third take. It took some time, but I finally did it and the results are seen in the movie. You rightly said it’s first mentally then physically challenging for me to do an action scene.

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Vidyut, who are your all-time favourite action stars from Bollywood and Hollywood?

Vidyut Jamwal – Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar have always been my favourite action stars from Bollywood. In Hollywood, I am a big fan of Jackie Chan. I have watched everything they have done in their life and have learnt a lot from their films.

Vidyut, many of your fans would love to know the story behind your huge gap after the release of ‘Commando’. Don’t you feel visibility is very important in our film industry?

Vidyut Jamwal – You know Rolls Royce cars does not release their new models in a small gap. They take time to first launch their latest car, then take time to get it establish, let people cherish it and then after a long gap come up with their next edition. I am like Rolls Royce cars. If you got to do something excellent, you just cannot keep churning out movies. You only do it when you are very sure you want to do it. I had many offers after ‘Commando’, but I was not keen to do something mediocre. In between I did ‘Bullet Raja’ and ‘Yaara’ after that. ‘Yaara’ will release hopefully this year. So I was working on three films after ‘Commando’, but at the same time was training very hard for ‘Commando 2’. Now, that ‘Commando 2’ is over I have got a series of movies release. People talk about visibility, but for me it does not matter to me. It’s been three years since I had a release, my fan following hasn’t reduced as people are waiting to see ‘Commando 2’. I think not being too active or giving any dud’s in my life has helped me.

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Vidyut, when ‘Commando’ released you were termed as the next action star from our country. But, soon after Tiger Shroff had his films like ‘Heropanti’ and ‘Baaghi’, which helped him achieve the action star tag. So, do you sense any sort of competition from Tiger?

Vidyut Jamwal – On a serious note, the type of action I do in my films are so difficult that not only in India, but even in the entire world only few actors can do such action. My body structure is big and huge in comparison to other action stars like Jackie Chan or even Tony Jaa. I am not a lean man and I know my potentials. So what I do, nobody else can. Knowing this, there is no competition for me, nor am I insecure of any other actor. Yes, I would love to work with Tiger Shroff or even John Abraham, but all depends upon the script.

Vidyut, share with us something about your upcoming film ‘Yaara’?

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Vidyut Jamwal – My only intention to do ‘Bullet Raja’ was to work with Tigmanshu Dhulia, so that he can cast me in his next movie. The bonding and hard work worked as I am the lead actor in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s next film ‘Yaara’. It’s a special film as I am playing a character which ages from twenty one to fifty. I had gained eighteen to twenty kilos in the movie. I aged myself and started feeling old as the movie took a while to shoot. We shot for more than a year, took break, gained weight, worked on the character and then finally completed the film. Tigmanshu in my opinion is one of the best directors from our country. If he would had made me wait for five years, I would had waited for it. I told my producer that we should get this movie released as soon as possible hopefully, it will be released this year.

Vidyut, you also have one more big film, ‘Baadshaao’ on its way. What the film all about?

Vidyut Jamwal – ‘Baadshaao’ is a story about a queen and these two men she played around with. I am playing one of the people she was in love with and Ajay Devgn is the other guy. People keep asking me that whether this role is a parallel role opposite Ajay or equivalent to his. My answer to them is that I am so good in anything I do, even if it’s not parallel still I will be good in it. People like me stand out in whatever they do. Along with ‘Yaara’ and ‘Baadshaao’, I am starting something with Vipul Shah followed by ‘Junglee’. ‘Junglee’ is not a Tarzan type of movie. It’s a real life story based on the elephant poaching. I will work very hard for this movie and will see to that, it’s a big hit.