Huma Huma Huma!

‘Huma Qureshi’ in conversation with ‘Divya Solgama’

Huma, kindly share with us something about your film ‘Dobara’, which is an official adaptation of Hollywood film ‘Oculus’?

Huma Qureshi: It’s an official remake. How it happened was, Relativity media made this film in 2013, which was a hit. Then they wanted to make this film for the Indian Market. We got approached by one of their guys who said ‘you wanna do this film?’, so I said I haven’t seen it. He asked me to watch it and if we like it, he’d like me and my brother to be a part of it. So I thought this could be fun. I saw the film, Saqib had already seen the film and he thought it’d be interesting. The premise of the film is very much like the Oculus, but both the films are very different. We’ve made it Indian, we’ve made it emotional and we’ve made it very real.

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Huma, whats your take on Indian horror films and how much are you influenced by the Hollywood horror films?

Huma Qureshi:  I’m not influenced by ghosts, nor am I influenced by Western films. I just like watching good films. So, no influence as such! When it comes to Indian horror films, there have been no good horror film that has been made. Whichever horror films are made, we cannot watch it with our family because they always put one such element in it. We’re trying to make a film of the international standard. In real life I have never experienced any supernatural power, but at the same time I’m actually scared of darkness. Even at night, I sleep with the lights on.

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Huma, how was the whole experience of working with your real brother Saqib in the movie ‘Dobara’?

Huma Qureshi: It has its pros and cons. It was fun. Saqib is very spontaneous. I knew all these things as a person, I also felt a little proud as a sister, cause you feel like ‘Oh, my brother is quite cool’, and it’s the first time a brother sister, acting as brother sister in a film, so I’m very excited about this film.

Huma, was ‘Viceroy’s House’ a conscious decision to move towards Hollywood?

Huma Qureshi: Not at all. There’s no conscious decision to move to Hollywood. I’m not looking for work in Hollywood. It just happened to come my way, and it was a beautiful script. It’s all on luck but if it’s an interesting project, why not. The film is coming to India in July-August. It’s a beautiful love story. Hindu Boy, Muslim Girl, Partition. I loved the script when I read it. It’s such an emotional film.

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 (Source: Bollywood Times)