Hritik’s inspiration for weight loss

After giving super hit films like Super 30 Hritik is ready to set the screens on fire with another amazing film WAR. While promoting his film actor landed on the sets of Sony Entertainment Television’s show The Kapil Sharma Show along with his co-star Vani Kapoor. Both the actors had an entertaining time as they went of spilling beans from behind the scenes moments of WAR and shaking legs on the popular song ‘Ghungroo toot gaye’.

During the show, Kapil tried to enquire about the fact that Hritik signed for WAR because Tiger was doing the film. Clarifying the same Hritik mentions, “This wasn’t the major condition but I told the makers that if Tiger is doing the film, I will definitely do the film.” He adds, “After I did Super 30 I had gained a lot of weight. My waist size was around 38inches. Working with Tiger inspired me to lose weight and make it 30 again.” He recalls the movie Life of Pi and says “Everyone needs a Tiger in his boat”.

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Further in the show, HR revealed his personal message for Vani after their 1st shoot sequence in WAR. When Vani came on The Kapil Sharma show for the first time she had mentioned that she is a huge fan of HR. Hence Kapil tried to enquire from her that how did she react on meeting him for the 1st time. Vani asked HR to share the incidence. Hritik adds, “I know why she is asking me to narrate the incidence because I wrote a very long text message after my 1st shot with her. She had put her entire heart and emotions into the film. The message read ‘What you have brought into the film is something that I did not expect. You are tremendous actor with full spontaneity.”