It gives me great pleasure to send my well wishes to the Australian Hindu Community and everyone taking part in Holi celebrations around the country.

Holi, also known as the Festival of Colour, is a joyous Hindu tradition to welcome in the Indian spring with music, dance and singing.

Most Australians would recognise the festival for the great display of colourful powders that coat the streets and cover every man, woman and child in a festive rainbow.

As celebrations commence in cities and towns throughout Australia, and around the world, we embrace the opportunity to deepen our understanding of the Hindu faith and join with the Australian Hindu community to commemorate the festival of Holi.

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The Labor Party recognises multiculturalism as one of the cornerstones of Australian society. The variety of cultures in Australia contributes to the beautiful mosaic of diverse ethnicities and traditions that make our country the wonderful place it is today. The Hindu community in Australia makes up a special part of this identity.

On behalf of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party I thank Australia’s Hindu population for your contribution and wish you well for the festival celebrations ahead.