HFC Bank Launches its Agency Banking

HFC Bank has today launched its Agency Banking Pilot Phase with Vodafone.The new financial service will benefit 66,000 Fijians in the rural and maritime areas. This service will allow customers to carry out transactions via their mobile phones and through Vodafone M-PAiSA agent networks.

The Partnership between HFC Bank and Vodafone will assist customers to withdraw, deposit, transfer funds, make payments and point of sale purchases. The Agency Platform will also be used for account opening and lodging of loan applications.

HFC Chairman Tom Rickets says this Agency Banking model makes a leap forward in the way financial services are offered in Fiji, bringing the services to the people.


Rickets adds that once the project is fully commissioned, rural, semi-urban and unbanked customers will be able to open and maintain a bank account from the luxury of their neighborhood stores who are Vodafone Retail outlets.

Image and News Credit: “fijivillage.com