Hermes Fit Experience in my Dhoti

By Indranil Halder

I visited HermèsFit at The Hordern Pavilion. It is situated next to Sydney Cricket Ground. I attending this amazing experience in my dhoti with my friend Rini Halder. HermèsFit was held from 14th to 16th October, 2022.

Well, going I have been visiting my local gym to remain fit. It is very important for my physical and mental well being. I never thought of exercising with luxury goods. So, in my white dhoti, I went in style to make the experience more memorable. In 2011, I could remember Hermes launching a limited edition of saris for the Indian market but not dhoti. At the event with orange surrounding, my white outfit was perfect for the occasion.

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The installation was amazing and included boxing ring , yoga studio and gym workout areas. We practiced stretching with belts, yoga with silk scarves and testing our balance with hats. It was definitely a new idea in the luxury fashion world. Hermes advertised the event as ‘Fitness meets fun at this unconventional event that immerses visitors in the world of fashion accessories, the perfectly offbeat companions for sport.’ Other than group fitness classes, there were break dancing, crazy minutes and thumb wars to enjoy. And I loved it.

Guests were treated with fresh fruit juice, delicious mini snacks and fruits to keep up with the energy level after watching hip hop dancers and playing ping pong. Cold pressed juices included Energizer ( carrot, beetroot, lemon, ginger, burdock), Radiant( carrot, apple, ginger, lemon, turmeric, astragalus) and Recovery ( orange, lemon, ginger, Bee Pollen and turmeric). Staffs dressed in orange coloured outfits looks like perfect Hermes models. The change room lockers were used for display of Hermes ties, belts, scarfs and shoes.

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There were few live performances. The boxing ring was turned into a live stage to host artistic performances, concerts and DJ sets. Some performances were given by Cub Sport, 1300 and Boy Soda. Such an event is very rare and unconventional. Hermes organised it, only in four cities across the world and Sydney is one of them. For Sydneysiders like myself, it was an new concept exhibition that definitely added values to Hermes luxury items while embracing the youth culture.